Rework PP Restorate/ Allow casters/item users more freedom of movement

This would be an excellent skill if the game had a classic tanking mechanic. The fact is though there's so much needed movement that it renders this skill basically useless especially when doing solo content. Maybe split the difference with a consistent % boost instead of basically nothing while moving to OP while standing still. If I'm moving I run out of PP but if I stand still I'm essentially a free kill. I'm just finishing up the story so far and the bosses are so aggressive it feels like there's no time to stop for a heal, buff or item use. I've managed to get through it but stopping to cast a spell or use an item for even a split second can result in getting stun locked then one shot or combo-ed to death. At one point I had two mobs continuously stunning me for a few mins. Luckily they hit for only 1hp damage but I couldn't do anything at all until the AI went stupid and just stopped their stun loop. Generally speaking I can dodge things and move quite well but some mechanics still hit me despite dodging or there's a secondary attack that puts me at risk so I have to pop a heal which stops my character from moving leaving me totally open to an attack even of I try to interrupt it by pressing the "dodge" button or pressing the stick to move. I'm still feeling out the game in general but I used to play WoW and many others with similar mechanics. The standing still thing doesn't really work for this game imo. Rather it's more like vanilla WoW player mechanics with ESO style mob mechanics minus dedicated tank and healing roles with appropriate threat tables. Then there are those moments I feel like I'm playing a Souls game...I'm trying to git gud but there are certain mechanics that just seem to cripple the gameplay for casting classes or self healing melee. Maybe add a few more iframes? All good on my braver. She moves like the wind. At least until I need to pop a mate/atomizer.

Have you tried using a Mate Lovers ring yet? As well as the skills below on force?

  • Rod Shot - (Makes your basic attack a ranged attack while on rod.)
  • Charged PP Revival - (Makes it so PP is regen'd while charging techs/spells.)
  • Charged Escape - (Allows you to keep a charged spell/tech while dodging.) (Main Class Only)
  • Rod Preservation Bonus - (Makes it so Charged Escape doesn't cost PP while using a Rod.)

@coldreactive yes, I have all those. As an experienced gamer I did some research on builds and whatnot before getting too far into VH+ content. The PP restorate has been mantioned a must have for and is included in all builds I saw for Fo/Te.