I am HUNTER LEVEL 56 can you tell me a good load out????? I only played Gunner and ranger

Thanks is advance. I got my Gunner and Ranger to 75 so I am switched to Hunter to level it next.

My Gunner weapons cannot be equiped now.

Can anyone tell me what a good weapon I should get for my Hunter to go out and grind Hunter to level 75?????

I got Saike Armour set on. My budget is 12 Million. I even need to know what photon arts. I have not played Hunter since PSO Dreamcast.

Any Help on:

  1. What Weapon to buy that will stay with me till 75.

  2. What Photon Art to use.

  3. Where to put my Skill points.

Budget 12 Million

For HU I used the 11* Brisa armor set, the 13* lightning Espada before that i did use the 11* you get from photon boasters. Rings are up to you. I didn't bother with the other class weapons as I was just leveling HU not planning to stay. As for skills that's depending on if you plan to stay in it or not. unlike PSO HU is more like PSU; a stepping stone. HU is only valued for automate halfline which makes you basically indestructible until mates run dry. Guard stance and massive hunter are next most used. This makes it the best sub-class in the game; until hero, phantom, and etole hit. There are three exceptions SU uses BR, FO uses TE, and RA uses GU.

Don't know if this will help and feel free to take it with a grain of salt.

NA Chips: HU 75 | SU 75| BR 75| RA 58| FI 55 | BO 55 | GU 50 | FO 45 | TE 40

JP Kureiha HU 90 | SU 90| BR 90| RA 90| FI 90 | BO 90 | GU 90 | FO 90 | TE 90 | HR 93 | PH 90 | ET 90

isnt the Lightning Espada like 16 million??? I dont think I can afford that.

Are their any weapons that I can buy Grinded that would work. I dont mind putting down like 12 milllion.

Also what Photon Art? some of the arts dont work well in crowds and frankly suck. Like the one where we surf on a sword.

@NEXTEL-CUP I bought it from the stone shop cost 400 unique badges. and the daisy chain is from both photon booster shop and atrocite. plus photon boosters are norm drops in advanced and unique weapon badges can be obtained from rappies in norm. Rare rappies not nav rappy.

I should clarify. I didn't factor player shop as all the items are easier and cheaper from NPC. the uniques have been building in my inventory since day one. The booster come from the fact that advanced quest are the most efficient leveling plus high drop with boosted level. There's no need to wast your mes at this juncture.


The above sounds great, but that is a little advance.

Anyone ???

I main the Nox Partisan for HU, and generally use Rain of Tears as my go-to PA. If you don't have it, and can't afford it, Assault Buster for a line of enemies, and Decisive Sweep for a wide group of enemies, are REALLY good PAs.

@NEXTEL-CUP generally the lightning espada or nox sword are your best choices. You should have gotten 400 unique weapon badges from just playing, lightning espadas are actually quite cheap in the market for around 1mill meseta aswell.

You can also get rid of the lightning espada you used for hunter if your not planning on ever using hunter as a main, by selling it after using an "cancel owner registration" pass to make it placeable on the market again for 1mill or more.

@NEXTEL-CUP said in I am HUNTER LEVEL 56 can you tell me a good load out????? I only played Gunner and ranger:


The above sounds great, but that is a little advance.

Anyone ???

I suppose you're right. I'm building my lightning Espada to be a +35 13* for the title and class unlock as well as a starter sword for Hero. There are a lot of small factors in that respect. Also now that it's been mentioned nox weapons are basically the cheapest 12* (20-70k player shop) and easy to equip over sigma.