Ship 1: Shall we storm Daybreak?

Gigur Gunnegam has the drops we want. Now that pso2 day is here, I been thinking, between him and arks rappy, why not 12 of us just get together and raid Daybreak? He can be a random spawn and 12 physical bodies (no ai bots) would increase the amount of spawns and the speed they fall, increasing our chances of getting our wanted drops. As long as we stick together and not run off to different parts of the map ^^

And all the meanwhile, we could chat and get to know each other inside, perhaps make a friend or two out of it? Would anyone be up for it? I was thinking of everyone interested to meet up in B-57 Franka's cafe where we can chat and form parties before entering.

My alliance runs 12 man expeditions every now and then but usually we run 2-3 groups of four whilst in a party, some not being in the party. We all play a lot so if thats what your looking for hit me up. If your in ship 1 ofcourse

@Lwyu Mhm I am in ship 1. XD

^^ And yes it is what I seek. I'm kind of hoping to gain attentions from 11 willing strangers. I'll wait for a while since as of this post vardha is out and I'm still eating breakfast. Though that's very neat your alliance does that. Couldn't find anything like that in JP.

@Raburesu Sounds good, yeah whats your user and I'll notify my leaders to hit you up!

@Lwyu Ah sorry for the late reply. ;-; Got distracted in rping and eating and running aqs. But I think it goes by xbox tag so i should be found under: XJ BusDriver74.

Though I can't join any alliances right now. Been using my own to form SHAQ caps though the shop. ^^