Status ailment

Hello, I am playing the North American version of PSO2. What are status ailments and would Wanda shock considered to be on. Also, how can pets do force/technique attacks?

The Status Ailments in PSO2 are Burn, Freeze, Shock, Blind, Poison, Panic, Stun, and Bind; these can be applied via Techs (Fire=Burn, Ice=Freeze, Lightning=Shock, Wind=Blind, Dark=Poison, Light=Panic), Weapons with the appropriate Augment, some PAs, or Skills (for example Stun can be applied through Ranger's Stun Grenade and Bind can be applied through Fighter's Chaser Bind). Additionally, Fighter's Skill Overlimit counts a Status Ailment when active. Then there is Jellen, which does not actually count as a Status Ailment in regards to Skill and Potential activation, and Injury (not sure on the NA name), which only enemies can cause, which cuts your maximum HP. All of these can be healed by Anti and Sol/Star Atomizers except Stun and Jellen (and obviously Overlimit).

The behaviors are these:

  • Burn: Does damage over time, and can be spread between targets by contact.
  • Freeze: Creates a block of ice around the target during which they cannot move and are locked in the middle of their action; the ice block can be broken when it is attacked. If a player is frozen, it stops Skill reset timers and PP recovery.
  • Shock: Can cause the target to flinch or fall over.
  • Blind: Can cause attacks to miss completely.
  • Poison: Does damage over time at a higher percentage than Burn.
  • Panic: Can cause enemies to attack each other. If a player has Panic, their movement controls are rotated 90° or 180°.
  • Stun: The target cannot move or attack and appears "dizzy."
  • Bind: The target's normal movement is disabled, but it can still attack and attacks that cause movement (like a Garongo's charging attack or Ilzonde) still work.

Wanda Shock can cause Stun.

Pets themselves cannot use Techs, only your character can.

Thank you very much! 🙂