[Ship 1] Polaris - 'Play and get rich'


Ship 1

Founded during the first day of closed beta, Polaris has expanded from a small group formed between friends into a very successful group of strong rare farmers. With how well things have been going for us recently, we've decided to start expanding!

We have a private Discord channel set up for members which contains information about competitions and prizes which we are about to start hosting, augmenting and affixing advice channels, information about events that we are holding, a designer's corner to work on symbol arts and channels for other things!

We're looking for active grinders who enjoy playing the game without spending too much time in the lobby. Only a few weeks ago were we turning over 60-100m meseta per day with our daily farming groups, we're looking to increase that even further. Our alliance is focused around creating strong characters to experience all the content in the game, as well as strive to be the best at it. If you're looking for regular farm groups (AQs and other), advice on where to farm to get rich or just want a group of regular active folks to play with, we've got what you're looking for.

Our member count is currently at 45 (without a recruitment drive). Now that we're focusing on bolstering our ranks, we're expecting 60 members by next week and we'll soon begin pruning inactives and replacing with more active folks.

We've just had a custom symbol art made to represent us, which you can see the making of here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=CMqV6h4sNPM

So, do we sound like what you're looking for? Send me a message on Xbox if you're interested, my tag is Capt Crackbeard 🙂 Our co leader can also be contacted on his tag (Motormark) and our officer can be contacted on theirs as well (The 3rd Rawkage).

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you among us one day!

Wow.. ..after having watched that video. I'm thinking there is definitely not yet a way to import an out of game image into the current Xbox only PSO2 NA. And that some of the seemingly outside of game imported symbol art. Is in fact MAD FREAKING SKILLZ. ;0~~

o/ =^.^=