CAST (F) part previews...

Mission Pass Season 5 stuff!

Nono Schwantz added, placeholder for Pionia.

Nadine & Lamia from Season 1 make a second appearance...

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Nadine posted. Still very much not a fan--head looks like something out of Mega Man, and the arms/legs look nearly as silly as the male's Titangum parts. Too blocky, looks too much like a rolling file cabinet or water cooler....only got it for the sake of thread-completeness.

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You're right about the Nadine set! My cast's main colors are red and white to make the Medium set look like a shrine maiden, and when I viewed the Nadine set it made her look way too much like Magnet Man from Mega Man 3, it was disturbing. LOL 😆

Pionia posted.

on a side note, quite relieved there were no CAST parts in the SG scratch since they can't be traded. It really rubs me the wrong way

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Moderately disappointed that there aren't any parts in the Shining Heroes scratch. Just going to leave the very reflective and sharp Cerberus Q outfit here...

alt textalt text

...I mean, who better to exemplify shininess than us CASTs? The right combination of chrome trim, electroluminescent accents and composite panels buffed to a high gloss?! Those blinding speculars when the light hits at just the right angle? Perfection!

The best those meatba....erm, non-mechanicals can manage is some cheeky dullness with their skin conditions and baths...

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Not far from the truth to say that I was getting quite a bit bored from the lack of parts-getting-and-posting.

...uploading both Delmarch & Luminous Princess.

Quite annoyed that Luminous Princess uses makeup instead of body paint, requiring a visit to the salon--hope you aren't attached to what's on your face right now, 'cause makeup isn't layered! >.<

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...making the edits and uploading files for Aeros now...

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Amazing previews


Edits & upload for Rejelan are in-progress...

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Would you like screen shots of other people's characters (provided they don't mix and match) to use with your previews?

The easy answer: There's effectively nothing stopping you or anyone else from posting related screenshots in this thread (unless the admins/mods say or act otherwise.)

The long honest answer: The biggest issue maintaining this thread amounts to a load of first-world whinging (rubbish upload speed!) Actual issues generating the content are quite trivial by comparison and center on maintaining a certain minimum of consistency across the posts--remembering to put the weight right way around on the controller being the main concern. If the intent is to inject variety and additional content into the main post (and subsequent flow I've established,) that makes the process too much like work, and then I can't be bothered...

Arche & Alice Reaper uploading presently, also realized I never did a post for Frasia.

...also, expired cleanup...