CAST (F) part previews...

As a fellow Female CAST, I appreciate you doing this. 😊 ♥

...and Creslow is up.

Rosemary up.

Working from the PC from this point on...

Windblossom & Nimbus added. videos taking their sweet time to transfer...

Philinne added (no announcement for Military Line due to current events?)

@PrsnOfDsntrst said in CAST (F) part previews...:

Philinne added (no announcement for Military Line due to current events?)

Maybe they don't have time to make the PR clip, that's understandable.

Anyway, I'm going to check Philinne series out. Thanks you for the video!

Roava posted. Yes I powered through a few tiers rather rapidly... always, video may not be immediately available due to slow upload.

Anyone that can help poor Sega actually show the items that we would love to buy deaths a star in my book.

That said the ROZEN set is just freaking amazing. The cast's are killing the humans in terms of fashion. Human males generally horrible across-the-board but human females the struggle what's the themes is pretty tough. I highly regret not creating of female cast and starting another character outright is not an option. It would have to be just a dress her up which is pretty stupid 😁

Is there any other way to get any of the previous mission pass sets ? I just found out Ionia set was from a previous mission pass before pc release ;_;. Thanks for the post, much appreciated !

@Mochila-Firefox Unfortunately, there's no way, until they decide to loop the lineups. But that won't happen in a near future, I fear.

BTW, noticed that black and purple Lanx is so cool.

Windblossom - Fresh Finds (Daily item pack) 5/30/2020 front back

Nimbus - Oracle Celebrations AC Scratch front back

Rosemary - Mission Pass Season 3 front back

Himekongara - Mission Pass Season 4 NOTE: the Shikongara head omits the chin strap front back

Roava - Mission Pass Season 4 front back

Philinne - Military Line AC Scratch front back

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