CAST (F) part previews...

Seeing Fiona Respha's Fresh Finds Shop daily offerings thread put me in a mind to try and do something somewhat similar for the (scratch/tier) CAST parts....well, at least the female sets.

On a side note, by playing the game and going through this process, I've started giving names to things; I've taken to calling my character's color palette "Violet Violence"--hopefully it doesn't hide too much detail.

Click on the name for a quick 720° video... (5/28, on the PC now, with 16:10 display, so black bars...)


Hallows - Dark Abyss AC Scratch front back

Croire - Legendary Heroes AC Scratch front back

Rozenschwert - Mission Badge Shop (25 badges/ea) front back


Scratches offering parts:

Awesome thanks for doing this

edit1: grouped & reorganized by source & release order.

edit2: Rozenschwert set added. re-reorganized so future additions will be at the top.

edit3: completely forgot the Urban Lifestyle set... >.>

Very cool! Thank you for doing this! Definitely need more CAST love!


Cortu added.


Alvida added. Will start cutting expired scratch/pass sets off as a separate post once this gets to 2 pages... (Video still uploading)

Nice video, as always! 👍

Long awaited Alvida Legs has come! 😃

😊 Glad to be of service!

...Now, if I could only figure out why Dark Omen only shows up at the scratch terminal...

Exalia added. Market forces giveth, market forces taketh -.-

Ionia - Mission Pass Season 2 front back

Medium - Mission Pass Season 2 front back

Valkia - Heroic Wanderer AC Scratch front back

Lucelia - Urban Lifestyle AC Scratch front back

Frasia - Recruit Line AC Scratch front back

Alnaar - Recruit Line AC Scratch front back

Lamia - Mission Pass Season 1, Mission Pass Season 5 front back

I decided against getting Nadine from Mission Pass Season 1--link to JP info, Mission Pass Season 5

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❤ Lamia Set!. But really, my fav look lately is Valkia Head, Legs, Body, and Draulia Arms. 🙂

Lanx added.

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