CAST (F) part previews...

Prices never came down out of low earth orbit, so no Sylphos mask 😢

Sylphos & Saphir posted.

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Reus Innocente & Croire going up, expired moving down...

The Nadine set as a whole was silly-looking, but the Crorie legs? oi... "Help me get these pitchers off my stick-feet?"

@PrsnOfDsntrst That's why it's good to mix and match parts to make your own look.

@Anarchy-Marine I don't have a M CAST so I can't comment on the interchangeability of those parts, but the F part sets very frequently have details that put serious limitations on combinations that work.

A current practical example is Reus Innocente. The white is part of the set and not user-selectable. Ionia is the only other set that uses it to the same degree, followed by Cortu. There's other outliers like Lucelia (red) and Philinne (yellow)

I'm not willing to make big compromises, so a mix & match F CAST ensemble from me will be a rarity...

@PrsnOfDsntrst I'll have to share my cast later. She uses mix and matched parts well. It depends upon the look you are going for sure, but if you can afford to meseta wise, also look to getting some parts out of player vendors, when you see parts you like in the AC tickets. I'll give you that it took me a while to get the look I was going for, but when I finally got it, I have to say I was rather pleased with the results.

@Anarchy-Marine I hope you realize that I have all the F parts that have been released to-date for NA; I've only missed 2 accessories in Sylphos mask and Nimbus wings...

Your beautiful CAST girl made me create my own and now I wish I made my main a CAST. They’re so cute! I love the latest mission pass outfit the most, luckily I have Luminous Princess and Reaper sets too from mission or I’d be very sad.

@PrsnOfDsntrst These aren't the best quality, but this is what I mean.



You have to think outside the box on most of these, using neutral colors, and accessories to accentuate the look. Those are parts from three separate CAST sets.

Edit: Not trying to derail the original purpose of the thread. I'm trying to help a fellow player. If at any time you would like me to remove this post, all you need do is ask. I shall instead use the DM option.

dropped the ball on Hallows & Amuaria--posted just in time for maintenance to take away relevance. >.>

Amuaria was the reason I leveled a whole new character to be my main. I absolutely love everything about it, so I had to become a CAST to wear it. It’s my favorite look in the game. I pair mine with Luminous Princess legs though.

I dyed mine black and red for a sort of Hell Girl Ai look.

Furta Set from the Episode 6 Deluxe Pack Red ARKS Badge trade: