Need help. Lots of it. [Xbox NA Player]

So I played the game for a good 58 hours+ trying to solo and figure out stuff on my own but here I am still requiring help and guidance from other. My main question is for starters: what is best main class + subclass combo for solo dps? Next thing is I wanna know best and most efficient ways to get meseta, levels and good gears.

I would also be looking for a trainer/mentor in game to help me progress and teach me how to truly be a good solo player.

If you can help I would gladly accept your help just let me know.

Edit: also I would like guidance and tips to know how to fully utilize all features and systems of the game to have the best output of all of it. Tired of being a basic player.

First suggestion I'd offer is to dig through these forums for existing posts to gather info and insight, particularly the "Ask a Veteran AKRS" thread. Lot of great Q&A there to start with. But, a quick rundown of what I've learned:

I've got three characters going right now, a Ranger, a Braver, and a Force, and I've focused mainly on distance fighting (being a solo player as well I figure the farther away I am form the enemy the less likely I am to get taken down). Ranger definitely offers the greater distance as well as, of the three, the better "strafing fire" (ability to attack while still moving). I'd categorize it as a "slow jog." Braver comes in second in that category, a "walking" strafe while holding the bow drawn. And force is a bit of a slower "walk" while charging a spell and has to stop entirely when casting.

For damage output I'd say Braver delivers the most per hit but I've struggled with accuracy due to the arrow needing to travel, followed by Ranger with their 3-round burst (near instant hit registry, no "travel" for normal shots). Honestly not sure exactly where Force would fit in as their offensive power is dependent entirely on their Techs, "normal" attack power is fairly negligible. Still, with the right tech combos they're pretty heavy hitters (combos like Shifta to boost attack, Negiverse to add a healing effect when you deal damage, followed up with Ilgrants for a decent damage dealer with homing capabilities and multiple hits to draw multiple heals.

For most classes the go-to subclass is Hunter, with many focusing their attention on "Fury Stance." It gives a boost to range and melee attack at the cost of being more susceptible to melee damage. In essence, the "glass cannon" approach. Does a lot of damage, just don't get hit. For something like the Force you'd pair it with the Techer/Techter. Basically you want to find a subclass that meshes well with the main class. "All in" rather than "jack of all trades."

On that note: Mags. It's all in. If you're doing a Ranger, put everything into RNG ATK. If you're a Fighter, all on MEL ATK, Force or Techer, all on TEC ATK. Don't put anything into any other stats. Braver and Bouncer, however, are slightly less obvious. You want to place all bets on DEX as these two classes apply DEX universally to their respective attacks (Braver: MEL and RNG, Bouncer: MEL and TEC). This will maximize your DPS. But, again, "just don't get hit." Focus on bolstering defense via Units.

Auxiliaries can do "collect/procure" type Client Orders for you. In fact, sending them off on searches is the only way to level them up, so start them off on some low-level stuff and work them up. You can bring them along as extra help on missions but you're better off going to the right-most tab and picking up some "Player AI" companions. You'll get 5 "FUN" points for each one you have with you and for each mission you complete, and FUN scratch tickets have a chance of giving you 3-day access to your Personal Shop. You can add items to your shop during that time, change prices, etc. Once the pass expires your shop is still open and you can still get Meseta from sales, you just can't tweak the inventory.

@zaffy2005 Thanks a lot for putting the time and effort to tell me all that. It was helpful for most part but aside from all that I still want to know for sure what is the best class for DPS. So far you shared with me some knowledge about how to get stronger and have better DPS. But before doing all that I need to know best class + sub class for best DPS. Once I know for sure I will start putting all of your helpful tips and info to work. Don't want to pointlessly grind on a class or character I won't even end up playing with. For me in this game the most thing that matters is my damage points reaching the maximum effect. All those dumb decorations, skins and look matter none to me. This isn't a dress up simulator game. This is an RPG. Where numbers matter more. Thanks again for the help you offered so far.

Much like other MMOs, each "DPS" has its niche that it falls into: Burst DPS (Force and Summoner's "sacrifice" pets), Normal DPS (High consistent damage, which is pretty much everything else) and DoT'ing. However, in PSO2 there isn't much when it comes to DoTs.

Techer/Techter is the odd one out, because it's meant to played as a support class and uses melee power more than its Summoner/Force cousins. Pretty much every class is viable.

@coldreactive It doesn't matter for me which type of DPS it is. I just want someone who is an expert in all classes and knows their full potential mainly the 6 (and only) classes since the other 3 are non-existent as of now. Someone who knows about all of those 6 classes and their max DPS output. I want the class that does the most damage ever whatever its DPS type is.

@Sigh9191 Well, from what I've heard the higher DPS will come with classes that haven't been released yet, and one of the prerequisites to obtaining these classes is to put serious grind into ALL of the existing classes. You might not see it as "dress up simulator" but it's not a "one and done" kind of game either. "What's the highest DPS class" is a vastly open-ended question that's not as simple as "this one, hands down." It all boils down to what perks/class abilities you focus your points into, (your "build), what weapons you can get to drop, what perks/augments/elements you put into those weapons (and how much you put into boosting them up to their full potential), which combination of units you equip (and whether they synergize with your weapon and/or each other), and if nothing else it boils down to "if you don't know how to use it, DPS means nothing." If you just cant get a handle on how a Bouncer moves, how to chain their PAs together, etc., whether they're the "highest DPS class" or not means nothing because for any number of reasons you just can't utilize them to that level. So in the long run it's best to learn which class fits your style, which one is most intuitive to you, and focus on pushing it to its full potential.

It's not as simple as "if you run Fighter, you will destroy everything but if you run any other class it'll be a struggle." Things are fairly well balanced. Even Force, a primarily support-focused class, can throw up some pretty serious DPS numbers. And like it or not even us solo players HAVE to learn how to work with teams if you want any shot at getting anything out of the higher-level content (and Urgent Quests are virtually impossible to solo even if you do manage to charge in before matchmaking adds anyone to the "block").

@zaffy2005 Wow thanks for the dedication to answering my noobish questions. Appreciate it truly. Though while I want to agree with you that this game is balanced..don't you actually think that it is pretty doubt able? Especially since this game is still in the works and all and balancing is logically still imperfect due to that. Besides, I Haven't ever heard of nor seen an mmo or rpg in general where all is balanced. Well except for that Bandai Namco bless unleashes since it all relies on your gears and not stats nor any other.

@Sigh9191 said in Need help. Lots of it. [Xbox NA Player]:

Well except for that Bandai Namco bless unleashes since it all relies on your gears and not stats nor any other.

BLESS Unleashed is a console-only version of BLESS, which failed because it was heavy pay to win, unbalanced, and forced open world PvP. They had to rebrand it because of how hard it failed, much like how The Secret World tried to rebrand to try and get more people. Same with Defiance (The MMO.) BLESS originally was going to be published by Aeria Games, but the developer thought twice (good on them, Aeria Games is a terrible publisher) but they still ended up botching BLESS in the end.

Final Fantasy XIV isn't a stranger to balance issues either. The developers can't even balance their healers, what makes you think they can balance their DPS? (Just making sure you don't tell me that FFXIV isn't balanced, because I already know it isn't balanced.)

@coldreactive hey do you happen to know how to get a new mag or reset the one you own to redo the Stat buffs?

@Sigh9191 said in Need help. Lots of it. [Xbox NA Player]:

@coldreactive hey do you happen to know how to get a new mag or reset the one you own to redo the Stat buffs?

There's an NPC that trades/sells items that can de-level your Mag, but only if it's over level 100. Otherwise, a new Mag costs AC.

@Sigh9191 As a North American release it is "in the works," maybe. PSO2 as a game, however, was released back in 2012 in Japan, and has seen I can't even guess how many updates, patches, tweaks, and balances since then. Anyone I've talked to who has played the JP version has told me the NA version is a vastly different game than the original JP release and we have 8 years of balance fixes to thank for that. When it first came out, yea, there were one or two classes that were absolutely broken and others that were just outright horrible.

These days basically the only thing to outright avoid is the Gunblade. Absolutely every class can use them, and it seems the "balance" mechanism imposed for that all-encompassing utility is...the freakin' suck. Mediocre melee performance compared to equal-tier melee weapons like Swords, Partisans, etc., and absolute garbage Ranged performance compared to Assault Rifles, Launchers, Twin Machine Guns....really the only "ranged" weapon they outperform in "normal attack" damage is the Talis, as the Talis isn't really designed to be an offensive weapon so much as a means for the Force and Techer classes to be able to use Techs "remotely" (you throw out a "card," essentially, and the Tech comes out of wherever that card is hovering rather than direct from the character), which is very useful for healing party members (especially melee classes that have to get in close) at a safe distance (as is common for any "mage class physical defense is fairly low) or to use "surround" spells more offensively (as opposed to, as the name implies, only being useful to attack enemies at point-blank range).

There are still a few "outlier" builds (the Ranger-Hunter "Glass cannon" I mentioned earlier) that can push toward the upper reaches of DPS but I've yet to hear of any true "this beats all" king of DPS.