The best Area to kill Fallspawns for ARKS League Event!

Hi guys. First of all I have to say that I wanted to start the topic on the Event Board but user threads are not allowed there 😛

So, today we rushed with 4 people in sp desert and then sp advanced quests in Ruins for the current event. We got around 2000 points. I came fourth in my group. With one of my friends and also with me, the polepostions were awarded 3000-4000 and more points. Where the hell were these players resting, extreme missions?

We split up pretty well that we weren't too far apart so we all got hits and we had a few bursts too.

I really dont know, why they have sooo much points 😕

Thx, greetings mickschen 😛

AQ City with a full party is the best bet since it has good enemy density and the majority are smaller enemies with lower HP. Stay together as a group since it increases the spawn rate, especially if you can trigger a PSE Burst, which , if you can, you want to try and have in dead ends or near the Area exit to better corral the spawns.

how much pounts you have made today? But in city are to much of other enemies as fallspwan, isn it?

@mickschen I don't participate in ARKS League outside of when it is active during a UQ (especially since the prizes for the NA ones are just EXP Tickets, as opposed to the SG they give on the JPN ARKS League). My advice in this regard comes from other players on the JPN server who did this to regularly get the top spots in several past ARKS Leagues.

AQ City is all Falspawn; only in the UQ version of City does it have other enemy types.

mhhh okey. On JPN Servers it was only fallspawn too or all enemies? You know that?

@mickschen AQ City is all Falspawn on both servers, and this advice is for Leagues where the target was Falspawn.

ok nice! Have a very nice day my ARKS friend 🙂

City Arks quest was fine today.. but not 4000 Points. So wtf how i get 4000 Points ^^

4 Bouncer lev 75 at the same time? or what? ♦ So, very hard or super hard, what do you thinkin?

@mickschen very hard if running AQ City.

To get to 4000 kills you have to skip the Urgent quests and not stop farming AQ City for the entire hour and a half.

Also might include restarting quest after area 1, Area 2 has some bad areas where even during a burst you won't get very good spawn rates.

Even then 4000 kills is ridiculously high.

Group up with people who want to do it with you. That will give Cross Bursts and spawn more, as well as you will gain kills with your party.