Ragol Edition needs to be removed from the Microsoft store

I have purchased the sonic founders pack and the "ragol fashion pack"with no problems and yesterday i decided i wanted to purchase the ragol edition since it the only bundle from the store i have yet to purchase. I tried talking to support to see why i did not receive the items like the other 2 purchases and they werent able to help. So my theory is this after looking at the contents inside the ragol edition they are the same items as the ragol fashion pack i purchased a month ago. Except the ragol edition says you can only purchase this item 1 time per account and the ragol fashion pack you can purchase as many times as you want. So what i think is going on is because i purchased the fashion pack before the ragol edition it thinks I have already received the items from the ragol edition and nothing happened. So in order to prevent this headache for other people I hope some GM sees this post and they remove the ragol edition from the store since it is the same items as the fashion pack, hope this helps thank you.

Hmm, even if you did already have the items from another pack, you should receive what you paid for regardless if you already own it. I'd check back with support and mention this.


I have this problem too I bought all three 'packs' and the contents of ragol edition are missing. I had a reply saying they were delivered without issue... Yeah... Opened another ticket.

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This is why on free to play MMOs, I tend to buy one, open the contents, store said contents, then buy another, do it all over again.

This way they cannot say that the items were delivered successfully if I do them one at a time. I've been doing this since a buy to play MMO swindled me over this same issue.

Let's hope this team aren't the swindling type

@StardogTusko said in Ragol Edition needs to be removed from the Microsoft store:

Let's hope this team aren't the swindling type

Hope died. Rona got it