Undercuts in market

@munchmytacos I like seeing everyones ideals, and my concern was satisfied already, but you declaring im gouging, i cannot ignore.

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@Lwyu Truth hurts? Get over yourself.

@munchmytacos If you consider the base price of something and it being the lowest as gouging, it seems someone has actually somehow hurt you. You seem to be the type to actually be hurt over the fact that you cant afford anything due to your own personal issues, I asked a question, people gave me their opinions and I started to agree, you however, your broke we get it, no need to be sad, go sell something.

Dont be salty and derail the thread

@Lwyu but it wasn't the lowest that's why you're crying. they sold it for less and people bought it. I'm not hurt; though your bottom seems to be. Also this thread is made of salt. you're a sad salt giver upset over the truth of free market.

@munchmytacos Hmm, highest being 105,771,990 meseta, lowest being 7,300,000 mine. The undercut being 3,900,000 meseta (estimate dont remember the number). Yes totally, I get you might be salty... but dont take it out on my thread my dude. If you continue to reply in an ill manner I will not feed into your toxicity.

Undercutting usually sets the price for items, but if people are smart and have the resources, they can control a specific market. It happens in video games, and it's nothing you can do unless you undercut or just hold the item for later.

@Novaline yeah I agree 100%, but I was just genuinely concerned with whoever undercut by a huge margin I wanted to see the gain there, you dont usually see people undercut you by like 4mill.

@Lwyu said in Undercuts in market:

@Novaline yeah I agree 100%, but I was just genuinely concerned with whoever undercut by a huge margin I wanted to see the gain there, you dont usually see people undercut you by like 4mill.

There are two valid instances I can think of off the top of my head that would explain that.

1st. An ac scratch just occurred and the person in question was desperate for meseta quick. We all saw this on the last two AC scratches(more so on this most recent one where R13 weapons dropped a million in price on ship 2 the night the scratch released). People wanted those cosmetics, they wanted them right then, and where fully willing to take a loss to get them.

2nd. Intentionally driving the market value down. This instance the person undercuts intentionally hoping that the players that have the item listed at a higher value will in turn reduce their price. Once those players do exactly that, the "undercutter" buys out all items listed lower than the price they reduced the items to and relists their item back at the original price it was selling for. This can work but can also blow up in the seller's face. On the one hand it allows them to corner a market and has a huge profit margin if successful, on the other hand, another player can be watching the values of those items fall and simply buy them all up themselves, so it's a gamble.

@Ravness01 Ahhh I see, its terrifying seeing how people do that on a whim sometimes, not a risk Id wanna take, some people even buy tickets just to sell for meseta profit and end up getting messed up by that, I'm not one of them but it sucks on both sides if that makes sense.

@Lwyu Yeah, I agree. During the Heroic Wanderer scratch one of my friends did just that. He spent 40-50$ on tickets to buy up cosmetics to sell on the AH. His plan was to make a quick fortune then use that meseta to get duplicate R13's so he could fast track getting his bow on braver to +35. His plan went far awry though(quite comically to the rest of us on the discord) when the market on those AC items bottomed out and were selling for only 50-100k a pop only 30 minutes after the server came back up from maintenance. There was tears, swearing, probably a controller thrown, and a lot of laughs on the discord that night(not his laughs, but the rest of us listening to him vent his frustration).

The AH is a cruel mistress, haha.

I think it's the same for FF14. There are those who have multiple stocks and still sell them at high price. But as buyers, they think differently. They will always seek for the lowest price so they can save up some more to spend something else as well. That's just IRL in general.

Even if you may be my loyal store that I visit and buy frequently, but if I find somewhere else and I see that the price is much cheaper than yours, then I'd go there unless you market price it for me.

This new AC scratch is a big example of price sky rocketing and then lowering down because Dragon's Horn was originally 10m then it went to 5m then it went back up to 8-10m, and it always balances back and forth. It sucks, but it is how it is for a market.

When I sell, I just click cheapest since that's the current demand in the market for me to sell faster. If the AC line up is dead and is no longer sellable, then I can sell it at pretty high price as I deem fit.

Capitalism at best here. Recettear has taught me lot of things.

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@ComplexZeru yea but it has a chance to ruin the items actual worth for the sake of their petty desire of getting a cheap buck to waste on some other cosmetic.

"Actual worth." It's a collection of pixels. It is worth literally nothing. Like John said, the "value" is completely made up. If it works the way other games have it's not like each item has a built in "default value." First person to get that item on that ship and put it on the market determines it's "value" (the actual term being "average market price," which is purely subjective). To illustrate: first person to put a Grinder on the market lists it for 10 million Meseta. Second person to put one on the market lists it for 1050 Meseta (the lowest possible price as I understand it). Average market value: 5 milion. Actual value: you will literally get hundreds of these in a few hours without even noticing.

Why the undercut? Many reasons. One: guaranteed quick sale. Prices that are too close cause buyers to hold out for "just a little lower." Undercut by 30-50% and buyers snap it up in minutes because "there's no way this is going to last. I've got to get it before someone else does."

Two: in the hopes of driving prices down to make the market more accessible to newer players, thus encouraging more players to stick around. Or they just think the prices are absolutely ridiculous and want to see them drop to more rational, reasonable levels.

Three: "Advertising." Selling a high-demand item at a low price draws attention to the rest of their inventory, which may or may not be undercut (they're on a high from finding such a great deal they're not going to think about price-checking every other item in the shop that catches their eye).

Four: They remember being a new player and how overwhelming the price gaps can be so it's their way of giving the next "generation" a leg up.

For me once I've gotten into the hundred of millions idc about meseta as much (over 2b on JP). So I undercut everything I sell so I can list 30 more items. Rinse/Repeat.

I mean, just yesterday I sold all my rare stuff for more space because I didn't have premium I sold to the store for 1k each with super rare items/souls etc. If they sell in market for 100k I don't care if I make anywhere from 2k-99k per item in the store. Not everyone is greedy.

@ERICK001BC And honestly, I'll hop into the shops and sort by lowest price with no specified categories JUST hoping to find stuff like this. There's "market value" and "implied value," and then there's ACTUAL value. If it's a much lower level/stat than what you already have, doesn't have any augments you want to keep, or is otherwise something you have no use for and all it's doing is taking upvaluable space in your crowded inventory, it's value is minimal.

And from a practical standpoint "market" and "implied" values are inaccurate. Look at the Atomizer Fanatic ring. It's got a high star count, thus "rare" thus the "implied value" is really high. The "market value" is likewise pretty high because it's a "rare" skill ring.

It's also a free reward from an introductory/tutorial questline that every player goes through with every character and its ability isn't really all that great. It's ACTUAL value is zilch. Everybody already has one for every character they've ever made. That makes it even less "valuable" than the default starting outfits (because at least with those there are several options with multiple color selections and with the Color Change Pass being so freakin' expensive finding one with your preferred color that someone else ditched in favor of "something new" has far greater value). Yet these rings are being sold for hundreds of thousands because that's their "market/implied value."