Undercuts in market

I needed somewhere to rant, honestly though, why? Like undercutting is fine, its strategic I support it. But why the actual hell are people undercutting by the millions and losing out of ez meseta? No reason, none at all.. they just see a price and say "I need meseta, so ill instead of being smart, will sell it way cheaper to not only lower the rarity of the item but also because lowering my price by like 1k is too much work"

And then you see their advertisement "MESETA PLS" "GIB MESETA" are their brain cells at an all time low or am I missing the bit strategy here.

Every auction house in every mmo evar.

The value of these items are made up anyways, perhaps the undercutters don't agree with the "established" price.

@John-Paul-RAGE Even so, theyd rather a loss of meseta than a good amount?

I'm thankful for undercutters because then I can resell for the correct price lol

@ComplexZeru yea but it has a chance to ruin the items actual worth for the sake of their petty desire of getting a cheap buck to waste on some other cosmetic.

@Lwyu obviously ... that is why they did it, markets work that way in real life too.

@Scribblemonk Obviously yeah, but It doesnt make sense that people undercut by the millions? They lose out on profit? I get its faster but Id rather have a big buck than a quick buck that ill lose in like 10 seconds for something worth less.

Not everyone sells stuff for a lot of money in games. Some just sell items to get rid of them and earn money the normal way. It is already pretty easy to make money in this game anyway.

@Ragnawind Yeah Yeah I get that I agree, Like I said above idk if the other guy read that clearly but "I support and see why people undercut" What I dont understand is why sell it for 2 million less than its price.. Not even 1 mill? 2 mill? Wouldnt it be wiser to sell for a little less than the original or atleast 1 mill so they idk get the most out of it?

@Lwyu There are many motivations.

  1. Some people are not motivated by greed. They see what they are doing as a good samaritain act and want someone to have something nice for less.
  2. Some people have too much stock and want to liquidate assets quickly, you see this in real life in retail stores.
  3. Some people use it as advertising, if people see someone is regularly selling things at an obviously low price, this may mean more traffic for their shop in the future.
  4. Some people may be unaware of the "unspoken market price" and just post what they think it is worth
  5. Some people are trolls
  6. Some people are undercutting you so you will lower your price out of frustration thus causing a chain reaction that affects the overall market.

I hope one of these answers helps in explaining "why?"

@Lwyu that is because the first person to list the item doesn't set the price. If someone "undercutting" ruins the item's value, then the item wasn't really valued at the higher listed prices.

If it keeps getting cut lower and lower, that indicates the item is common enough to warrant a drop in the price.

If it isn't common, eventually your higher listed price will be what it returns to.

@Scribblemonk Man Id appreciate your response if it wasnt giving off the rude vibes its giving in order to look cool or something but thank you. dc8dbdd9-b569-4d26-bcde-d1881f3044da-image.gif

@John-Paul-RAGE Ahhh I see thank you, I get it now, I just genuinely confused people are weird. I appreciate your explanation. Especially without the sarcasm lol.

Take for instance the rappy mini ark suits those are dropping in price and it will countinue to drop till after pso2 day is over again then the price will go back till the 22nd its basically going to happen if you want it or not