Xp 1,000,000 TICKET in swap shop 2

Just wondering if there is an advantage to swapping 67 15,000 xp tickets? I know this prob is the fastest way to get 1mil xp by clicking item and use, but you lose 5000 xp and the ability to use each ticket for different characters/classes/ selling etc. I don't think using 67 on 1 character would take more than 5 mins honestly but i guess 5000 isn't that much of a loss either.

It really is just for the convenience of using a single ticket instead of multiples. That loss of EXP is basically a convinience tax.

Adding to what AndrlCh said, JP server held a discount event on the swap shop for a few times in the past. While in these events, you can exchange 1M XP ticket with just 53 tickets of 15,000 XP, which becomes a REAL discount 🙂

I figured as much, Thank you. So I guess it is better to hold on to them for now, in hopes of those discounted events that could possibly come here maybe perhaps.

Its not worth in my opinion. Any exp is good exp and losing exp from a transaction such as that goes against me. With the ARKS league being a thing, it makes everything much, much more easier to prepare for other classes to level.

I did the math too. The 5k isn't much but with that info I now know that it's something I'm not gonna sweat getting.