Arks Trainee scratch

As a JP Arks Veteran I've always used the Arks Trainee outfit (male snow version) and the first week that scratch did come out with star gem deals coinciding with that kind of theme. The issue here is that during that week a bug came to PSO2 NA and subsequently the star gem deals were taken away with the possibility of me missing the only costume I rocked on the JP server for years (played off and on since 2013).

So now I'm wondering if there's any possible way to have an option where we can at-least buy with star gems some of the arks trainee outfits since we missed an opportunity due to the bug? Below is a picture of my character wearing the arks snow uniform pso20200430_202121_000.png

I am sure it will come back eventually. It's just a matter of time. We are all going to have to suck it up and wait. Things like these happen and ppl where taking advantage of the situation and well it is technically a beta here in NA. I am sure you'll get it eventually.

@ERICK001BC beta ended a while ago

@ERICK001BC Nah I cant "Suck it up" I needs muh costume this is something I've used for a long time probably around 4k hours.

Hopefully when the PC release rolls around, they'll rotate some (all?) of the missed content into a scratch. I think that would please everyone.

i'm RIGHT HERE WITH YOU!! its my main, and basically ONLY outfit i wear in the JP version of the game! not having it available in NA is actually enough for me to drop this version of the game and never come back. pso20200523_095550_001.jpg

@Wikikomoto MY MAN!!! I knew someone would get it, I mean it's a costume I wore for years like even when new jp collabs came out I'm like "Yeah but I got my arks trainee outfit tho so i'll pass"

Another player whose favourite outfit is something that was both sold prior to everyone being able to play. People with this issue are comin' out of the woodwork lately! To quote myself from another topic just a couple hours ago:

@Miraglyth said in Is the "All Blink" costume available in NA release?:

Suggestion: Rotate prior content back so players on new platforms can buy their favourite outfits and the server can generate more money.

I suppose at this point the suggestion could be extended to say "Let players know that rotations will happen." Because even if that's already the plan it doesn't reassure us players if we don't know about it. 😛