Xbox one chatpad

Would anyone happen to have a chatpad they use on pso2 “Xbox”.

Are you able to use the numbers on the chatpad to activate the sub pallet?

I do use a chat pad, though it is not an official one; as long as Direct Chat is disabled, it functions exactly like a normal keyboard, so the numbers work perfectly for the subpallette.

Thank you.

Why use a chatpad when you can use a full blown PC keyboard? Lol

Yes I activate the numbers on sub pallet using a USB keyboard.

I also use the numeric keypad keys with numlock on to switch weapon sets.

@NoticeMeSenpai It is mostly so I don't actually need to take my hands off the controller during combat. On the JPN PC version I even have my controller set up with JoyToKey so that I have NumPad functionality for weapon switching and chat shortcuts. Basically for me, since I don't use KB/M, the chat pad is for gameplay and a full sized keyboard is for chatting.

Yes it will work but you can not charge them

@SaviorZero82 I'm assuming that that is with the official chat pad, right?

@AndrlCh yes, unless there is an option somewhere that idk about

@SaviorZero82 Wow, that kinda sucks. The off-brand one I use has its own USB dongle, so it is recognized as a wireless keyboard, and I have had no issue with holding keys down to charge Techs from the subpallette with it.

I highly recommend the chatpad for any controller player. I use it on both xb1/PS4 version of the game and I feel it infinitely improved my gameplay.

Anyone tried hooking up a Jaguar controller through USB adapters?

If it only had analog sticks, it seems almost like it would be the ideal PSO2 controller. Full sub pallet access from the keypad, plus plenty of regular buttons for all basic functions.

Not sure if an Xbox One would recognize the input though, but should work for PC version maybe.