No Impromptu Tea Party rewarded after Campaign: Join an Alliance!

Hi there,

I've submitted a ticket, but on the 29/04 we were meant to receive the reward for the Impromptu Tea Party emote if we were in a clan of 4 or more members and had amassed more than 5000 Alliance Points.


I manage an alliance of more than 70 members and we have made over 200k points in this period.

However ,I have not received this emote. Has anyone else had this issue?


The distribution date for those rewards, as noted on the campaign's page, is May 12th.

Brain fart! Thank you!

@AnamanaAU Just to check, did you end up getting it?

The alliance I am in didn't (despite hitting the requirements) so I figured I'd ask 😞

I did not get this emote either.