All chat channels mostly broken, other issues

All chat channels right now seem to be down for most people, including Whisper, Group, Party, Alliance and even Mail. I gathered info from the 2 people that could see my general chat, and from others that i have another form of contact with outside game thru a discord. This includes lobby actions not working through the chat box too. Also cannot invite or receive invites, but i will receive a notification that it timed out.

Edit: I did send a twitter message to the official pso2 NA twitter, and submitted a ticket thru supports

For those not in the know: MMOs usually separate their game service from chat service. This usually allows people who are stuck on certain screens to still access chat and convey what is wrong to friends and party members. However, usually the data is synced between them, and if one crashes, the other one often follows suit (at least client-side due to the simultaneous connection.)

This is often done to ensure that the game service itself cannot be interrupted by a flaw in chat (and vice versa.) Most MMOs also do this with maps and regions of areas, separating even those into server-like structures or channels.

Like the OP, if you are experiencing an issue with the chat, it's best to notify the support system immediately.

In addition, party invites won't be received by either person, however if u create party at quest desk, others can join into it. Party chat still remains broken

Not really something the PSO2 team is gonna be able to fix.

@John-Paul-RAGE said in All chat channels mostly broken, other issues:

Not really something the PSO2 team is gonna be able to fix.

I like how it says:

Affected platforms Windows 10, Xbox 360, Xbox One

To be honest they should just say "Microsoft Accounts, Xbox 360." Since Windows 10 and Xbone both use that :V

@coldreactive Microsoft Teams/Outlook from the corner "Am I a joke to you?"

^yes, yes you are Microsoft teams lol

Did this already get resolved?

No but fear not because Microsoft Azure can adjust in real time as needed to the level of chat not working.

@PSYCOMMUnist this has nothing to do with Azure. Azure simply hosts the game servers handling the game's instances. Friend list and chat is handled by the Xbox Live services.

This is an issue that comes and goes as Xbox Live experiences outages every now and then and nothing can be done other than wait for the service to be working again.

Since this seems like the most relevant thread for the problem and it's recently been bumped- I'll just say that the last 2 days and especially today- the chat has been acting really weird with me and those in my alliance and also of those I asked in my UQ runs- so it seems like a widespread problem being that- at most times your chat will suddenly stop showing up. You won't be able to see your own chat when commenting- but others can still see it. SOMETIMEs. It is on and off- on and off- all throughout the day. It is impossible to chat with people as it is now- at point someone I was talking to had their chats disappear and only appear as "..." bubbles above their character- their chat did not appear in the logs in any way and it would not allow them to say anything but those "..." in a bubble.

And emotes also stop working- so it is probably linked to the chat refusing input- given that the emotes are just chat commands. They would not activate through the quickmenu either. Relogging doesn't help- at most you're able to say a single line of text before all consecutive lines of text stop showing up to you- and eventually to everyone else. It's impossible to know if your friends can see your text or not and communication is just not possible. It doesn't feel like lag- all loading works fine of menus and between zones.. I'm sure the problem has been reported but just want to voice this since it is becoming a very widespread problem it feels. Getting worse and worse and more restrictive.

Yep. Chats ded AGAIN. I can't even party up with my friend rn.

@MoldyAsp33874 and @Miasu , a statement was put out on Twitter:

As explained, the issue is due to PSO2 NA using Xbox Live's servers for chatting and Xbox Live having some technical issues right now... check here from time to time for updates on the issue: