Ranger guide for JP vets and NA newbies, an author's note

As a short introduction, my name is Spin Cycle (known as SCMSV as well) and I'm on of the two authors (Zenora is the other) of the Ranger guide found here that has been linked around on these forums as a recommendation for starting players on Xbox and soon-to-be players for those waiting for the Windows 10 version.

I appreciate those of you who share our guide with fellow players around other media platforms like Reddit, Twitter and Discord and we've seen lots of support from new players and quite the spike in people reading our content and for Zenora's side, watching his helpful videos, so thanks to you guys.

Currently we're working on some other content updates and I'm personally thinking about other ways to have more fun with the people we've helped, maybe a podcast (lol). With the PC version releasing next month, we'll finally get a hands on with NA and get information out quicker and better answer questions that you guys have. As an opening post (kinda), I'll probably be the person (out of us two) on the forums to help out Rangers (and other classes Im capable of) along with general game knowledge. If you want a bit more direct and immediate responses you can definitely check out our Ranger Discord and/or DM me.

Hi thank you for the guide.

I recently saw you mentioned that Elder Rifle is not more the best in slot and Nemesis is better. Can I check if a Elder Rifle perfectly stats is better than a Nemesis +30. I keep trying out both guns and I feel that Elder Rifle does more damage.

Elder Rifle(Light Element) Range Power: 1621 with 6 affixes which adds 160 Range power

Nemesis Rifle (Fire Element) Range Power: 1744 with 5 affixes which adds 150 Range power