Multi-weapon Camos

Weapon Camo: Altered Divide [Video Link] (Sword, Partisan, Twin daggers, Double Saber, Katana, Soaring blades, Rod, Wand)

Imagine the following dialog

  • Boss: We need to make another camo, how long will it take?
  • Artist: I need 3 days.
  • Boss: You have 5 minutes.
  • Artist: but it will be terrible...
  • Boss: 'Scary look' you have 4 minutes left.

And that's how the Skullsturm camo was created. Seriously, this is the most poorly made camo I've seen so far. This looks especially terrible when you use a double weapons and it is sheathed. At least in my opinion. Also, in the game it is called Skullsturm. In the news it is called Skullstrum

  • Weapon Camo: SkullSturm (Skullstrum) [Video Link] (Sword, Twin daggers, Katana, Soaring blades, Wand)

@K-UwU Honestly I acutally like the look of Skullsturm, but like far too many "sword" type camos it needs a sheath and for some reason that seems to be a confusing concept for camo designers. Frankly a LOT of camos are horrendously hideous NOT because of the design itself but for the lack of a sheath (especially those that cover Katanas) and the brain-dead orientation of the sheathed position. Like the Felicity Edel camo. It is freakin' gorgeous in my opinion but at the same time looks like absolute hot garbage because you've got this big-arse, unsheathed basket-hilt longsword slapped horizontally on your back when it should be on the hip or at the very least slung shoulder-to-hip like the Shot Rounder gunblade camo (and in either case IN A FREAKIN' SHEATH). Far too many camos to count have been completely ruined by these two simple oversights.

@K-UwU I'm pretty sure they never meant for Skullsturm to be a weapon camo tbh. The first place that model appears is in cutscenes in the Omega story. It's the generic sword that some no name NPCs "use" before they get eaten by some wolves.

So I've made a video of all the TMG Weapon Camos(Twin Machine Guns) I've Collected. Here's a link if you wanna see them in actions link text

so since the ridiculous market boom on my server weapon camo's have gotten ridiculously expensive. including some i can get for free like weapon stealth camo. so i figured i can post a few more multi-weapon camos i can suddenly afford. look forward to it lads.

ladies and gentleman. i present to you...


  • weapon camo for: EVERYTHING

  • Sword:pso20210613_164524_007.jpg pso20210613_164529_008.jpg

  • Wired Lances:pso20210613_164540_009.jpg pso20210613_164543_010.jpg

  • Partisan:pso20210613_164603_011.jpg pso20210613_164609_012.jpg

  • Gunblade:pso20210613_164617_013.jpg pso20210613_164620_014.jpg

  • Twin Daggers: (note that soaring blades are just standard grip)pso20210613_164942_015.jpg

  • Knuckles: (note: the railed parts do indeed slide forward when you punch)pso20210613_165012_017.jpg pso20210613_172101_039.jpg

  • Assault Rifles:pso20210613_165230_021.jpg pso20210613_165232_022.jpg

  • Launchers:pso20210613_165259_023.jpg pso20210613_165306_024.jpg

  • Twin Machine Guns:pso20210613_172854_040.jpg pso20210613_172905_041.jpg

  • Rods: how much can a force bench again? pso20210613_165552_025.jpg pso20210613_165558_026.jpg

  • Talis:pso20210613_165615_027.jpg pso20210613_165625_029.jpg

  • Wand:pso20210613_164025_002.jpg pso20210613_164037_003.jpg

  • Bow:pso20210613_165850_030.jpg pso20210613_165854_031.jpg

  • Katana:(i tried to get an actual shot of the blade but i couldn't)pso20210613_165901_032.jpg pso20210613_165907_034.jpg

  • jet boots:pso20210613_170047_035.jpg pso20210613_170054_036.jpg

  • soaring blades: soaring blades are basically the same as twin daggers minus sheathe position and how they are held pso20210613_163942_000.jpg

  • Harmonizer: yes. even this piece of junk get's one.pso20210613_170204_037.jpg pso20210613_170212_038.jpg

take it for what you will but i'm personally going to sell this off despite my deep interest in the knuckles. next on the list: sixblade gottsieger

sixblade gottsieger showing off this weapon camo i don't really like so let's goooooooo!

  • sword:pso20210613_175011_042.jpg pso20210613_175017_043.jpg

  • Wired Lances:pso20210613_175036_044.jpg pso20210613_175042_045.jpg

  • Partisan: pso20210613_175516_053.jpg pso20210613_175521_054.jpg

  • Double Saber: pso20210613_175050_046.jpg pso20210613_175054_047.jpg

  • Bow: pso20210613_175218_048.jpg pso20210613_175230_050.jpg

  • Launcher: pso20210613_175345_051.jpg pso20210613_175350_052.jpg

and that's all she wrote folks!

here is a interesting thing, after the change of the engine with NGS the Coated Edge and Coated Edge D had gained a glow

Coated Edge/Coated Camo


Coated Edge D


unfortunately it only applies for those 2 and not all the other Coated weapons.

Since I've gotten lots of good reviews on my last Weapon camo Collection, I've decided to make More weapon Camo Collection covering all weapons. Here's My 2nd Video for Twin Daggers Weapon Camo Collection link textPSO2 NGS WEAPON COLLECTION 2.jpg

Camo: Shintou-Mekkyaku / Koutou-​Mukei

Weapon Types: Soaring Blades and Twin Daggers

Someone was advertising it for half-price so I went and bought it. I wanted to see a full showcase when I found this forum but nobody has posted it yet so I went ahead and did it myself.

Sheathed (It looks the same for both weapon types): Note depth was adjusted further back because it was in the hair. pso20210625_130448_002.jpg

Soaring Blades: pso20210625_130518_004.jpg

Twin Daggers: pso20210625_131103_008.jpg

Azure Papillon

From Weapon Camo Collection Scratcher

Rod/Twin Daggers/Wand

A really nice looking weapon camo which finally makes its debut. On base PSO2, weapon attacks have light blue butterfly trails.


alt text


alt text

Twin Daggers

alt text


alt text

I'll have a post for Raging Beat next time since I need to redo the screencaps for those.

3rd Weapon camo Collection (Launcher) is here ! Check out the link link text to see Launcher camos in action

Weapon camo collection 3

4th Weapon camo Collection (Wire Lance) is here! Check it out ! link text to see wire lance camos in action Weapon camo collection 4 .png