Multi-weapon Camos

If you don't mind using a Rainbow Key, you can get Millioraj Dusk from it, which is the only All-Class Harmonizer im the global server so far. You only need to do it as main Summoner at at least Lv 80, it's almost a guaranteed drop (you could also get it from Disturbing Whistle of Chaos but good luck with that.)

If that doesn't ring with you then you could use the Allure Venera (RWB4 exhange) since it's the only Harmo that isn't exclusive for Summoner (can be used by Force too.)

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I suppose if you're a fan of SBY you will like the weapon, but otherwise, there isn't much appeal.

Does it make pew-pew sounds when you shoot it?

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@Meikoloid said in Multi-weapon Camos:

I suppose if you're a fan of SBY you will like the weapon, but otherwise, there isn't much appeal.

Does it make pew-pew sounds when you shoot it?

It does sound like a plasma gun, tho not sure if the SFX is straight out of the anime. Just don't expect it to sound like a Star Wars or Star Trek gun.

Anyone with pics of recent ac scratches camos?


Thats what i came here for. Theres the Nei camos, and a few other ones that mostly go unnoticed because they are so darned rare and sell for 40 mil.

@ikerism Yeah once again the preview is utter fail. Its so bizzare how this was allowed to continue after 8 years. Madness.

Also..there is NO preview for mags at all. Like WTF, do they really expect one to just try them out to see how it looks?


Been following this topic since I found out about it a few weeks ago, so why not contribute? Nei Claw RF isn't really different between the weapon categories except for Wand having a single claw show up. The claws also change color depending on Outerwear.

Wand alt text alt text

Knuckles/Wired Lance/Twin Daggers/Soaring Blades alt text alt text

Color Change alt text

Weapon Camo: *Nei Sword RF

Weapon Type: Sword/Partisan/Double Saber/Katana/Rod/Wand

This weapon is part of the ARKS Last Stand Scratch that runs from Feb 25th to March 24th. This seems to be a weapon camo based on the old Phantasy Star games, from the info I've read in another thread.

Sheathed: Same for all weapons. 62f99f85-24ff-4ce5-ba5f-df6a84aecaf9~2.png

While this camo covers 6 different weapon types, none of it changes depending on the weapon. Either way I think that it's a very good looking camo despite that.

Thus I only decided to take a few screenshots with different weapon poses. Doesn't seem to have any special effects when sheathing or unsheathing.

The emotes I used were "Sword/Partisan", "Katana Pose", and "Rod/Talis." IMG_20210227_194020.jpg IMG_20210227_194022.jpg 53da01f2-4774-48cc-a661-4a32f921a475~2.png

Fahren Forging

All Except Harmonizer

Sword Fahren Forging Sword 1.jpg Fahren Forging Sword 2.jpg Fahren Forging Sword 3.jpg

Wired Lance Fahren Forging Wired Lance 1.jpg Fahren Forging Wired Lance 2.jpg Fahren Forging Wired Lance 3.jpg

Partisan Fahren Forging Partisan 1.jpg Fahren Forging Partisan 2.jpg Fahren Forging Partisan 3.jpg

Twin Daggers Fahren Forging Twin Daggers 1.jpg Fahren Forging Twin Daggers 2.jpg Fahren Forging Twin Daggers 3.jpg

Double Saber Fahren Forging Double Saber 1.jpg Fahren Forging Double Saber 2.jpg Fahren Forging Double Saber 3.jpg

Knuckles Fahren Forging Knuckles 1.jpg Fahren Forging Knuckles 2.jpg Fahren Forging Knuckles 3.jpg

Gunblade Fahren Forging Gunblade 1.jpg Fahren Forging Gunblade 2.jpg Fahren Forging Gunblade 3.jpg Fahren Forging Gunblade 4.jpg Fahren Forging Gunblade 5.jpg Fahren Forging Gunblade 6.jpg

Katana Fahren Forging Katana 1.jpg Fahren Forging Katana 2.jpg Fahren Forging Katana 3.jpg

Soaring Blades Fahren Forging Soaring Blades 1.jpg Fahren Forging Soaring Blades 2.jpg Fahren Forging Soaring Blades 3.jpg

Assault Rifle Fahren Forging Assault Rifle 1.jpg Fahren Forging Assault Rifle 2.jpg Fahren Forging Assault Rifle 3.jpg

Launcher Fahren Forging Launcher 1.jpg Fahren Forging Launcher 2.jpg Fahren Forging Launcher 3.jpg Fahren Forging Launcher 4.jpg

Twin Machine Guns Fahren Forging TMG 1.jpg Fahren Forging TMG 2.jpg Fahren Forging TMG 3.jpg Fahren Forging TMG 4.jpg

Bow Fahren Forging Bow 1.jpg Fahren Forging Bow 2.jpg Fahren Forging Bow 3.jpg Fahren Forging Bow 4.jpg

Rod - My arm hurts! Fahren Forging Rod 1.jpg Fahren Forging Rod 2.jpg Fahren Forging Rod 3.jpg

Talis Fahren Forging Talis 1.jpg Fahren Forging Talis 2.jpg Fahren Forging Talis 3.jpg

Wand Fahren Forging Wand 1.jpg Fahren Forging Wand 2.jpg Fahren Forging Wand 3.jpg

Jet Boots Fahren Forging Jet Boots 1.jpg Fahren Forging Jet Boots 2.jpg Fahren Forging Jet Boots 3.jpg

Sakurablade Pulchra Cuse

Very pretty, it's in the name (in Latin).

Wand/Double Saber/Soaring Blades

Sheathed - Identical across weapons Sakurablade Pulchra Cuse Wand 1.jpg

Wand Sakurablade Pulchra Cuse Wand 2.jpg Sakurablade Pulchra Cuse Wand 3.jpg

Double Saber Sakurablade Pulchra Cuse Double Saber 1.jpg Sakurablade Pulchra Cuse Double Saber 2.jpg

Soaring Blades Sakurablade Pulchra Cuse Soaring Blades 1.jpg Sakurablade Pulchra Cuse Soaring Blades 2.jpg

Bladebastion Loylotto


Sheathed - Identical across weapons Bladebastion Loylotto Rod 1.jpg

Rod - Glowing eyes on skull leaves trails, blade glows Bladebastion Loylotto Rod 2.jpg Bladebastion Loylotto Rod 3.jpg Bladebastion Loylotto Rod 4.jpg

Talis Bladebastion Loylotto Talis 1.jpg Bladebastion Loylotto Talis 2.jpg

Wand - Glowing eyes on skull leaves trails Bladebastion Loylotto Wand 1.jpg Bladebastion Loylotto Wand 2.jpg

Eschaton Ritavlata

Sparkles! Sparkles flowing along the weapon and when swung

Sword/Double Saber/Katana

Sheathed - Identical across weapons Eschaton Ritavlata Sword 1.jpg

Sword Eschaton Ritavlata Sword 2.jpg Eschaton Ritavlata Sword 3.jpg

Double Saber Eschaton Ritavlata Double Saber 1.jpg Eschaton Ritavlata Double Saber 2.jpg

Katana Eschaton Ritavlata Katana 1.jpg Eschaton Ritavlata Katana 2.jpg

Trippy SFX on the Eschaton .

Eri Accordi

From Fresh Finds Shop 3/18

Rod/Sword/Partisan/Double Saber

Sheathed (Applies to all weapon styles):

alt text alt text alt text

Unsheathed Et Double Saber alt text

Unsheathed Rod/Partisan/Double Saber alt text

Unsheathed Sword alt text