Multi-weapon Camos

This seems to be the only Photon Booster camo that hasn't been posted yet, or at least I haven't seen it in the past few pages or using the search function. So hopefully it's not a Repost because posts can't be deleted here for some reason.

Weapon Camo: *Acro Calseed.

Weapon Type: Wand/Sword/Assault Rifle/TMG.

This is one of the many Photon Booster camos that were added not too long ago. I want to think it hasn't been posted here because originally it came with the incorrect model for the Wand, but this problem has been fixed for quite some time.

Wand: IMG_20210214_153330.jpg IMG_20210214_153204.jpg

Sword: IMG_20210214_153201.jpg IMG_20210214_153203.jpg

Assault Rifle: IMG_20210214_153155.jpg IMG_20210214_153200.jpg

TMG: IMG_20210214_153150.jpg IMG_20210214_153153.jpg IMG_20210214_153151.jpg

@Meikoloid It may also have been skipped (intentionally or unintentionally) because it's just a re-color (tan) of two of the previous weapon camos, Ouster Flage (green/olive drab) and Zephyr Flage (grey/arctic camo) so I imagine that may have put it pretty low on the priority list for a lot of contributors here. That is definitely my reason for not bothering with it right away and then more or less forgetting all about it.

Pretty much this.

Speaking of stuff I forgot...

Dire Wolf

Twin Daggers/Soaring Blades

Pink sparkles!

Twin Daggers Dire Wolf Twin Daggers 1.jpg Dire Wolf Twin Daggers 2.jpg Dire Wolf Twin Daggers 3.jpg

Soaring Blades Dire Wolf Soaring Blades 1.jpg Dire Wolf Soaring Blades 2.jpg Dire Wolf Soaring Blades 3.jpg

Does anyone have the Ms. Travailler camo that they could show the gunblade with?

I would love to know what it looks like with a gunblade before i spend all of my meseta on it.

@zaffy2005 I wish the XM-8 Doom covered more weapons too. When I first saw the icon in the scratch info post I thought it would cover a similar range of weapons to the Altered Divide Camo from a while back.

@Xaelon said in Multi-weapon Camos:

@zaffy2005 I wish the XM-8 Doom covered more weapons too. When I first saw the icon in the scratch info post I thought it would cover a similar range of weapons to the Altered Divide Camo from a while back.

same here, that camo looks really cool and i dont know why from the range of weapons soaring blades is not supported is more deserving than dsabers, it frustrates me for days even tried maining fighter daggers just to wear it, but the results are mortifying cant even make it to 6mins with a redux riv 8s 200atk affixedpso2 2021-02-03 06-37-54.png i think i did my best with it but daggers just wont do for me, i feel really bad for that camo but im keeping it.

Frostcrypt Essence

Katana/Sword/Twin Daggers/Double Saber/Soaring Blades/Rod

Sheathed - Identical across weapons Frostcrypt Essence Katana 1.jpg

Katana Frostcrypt Essence Katana 2.jpg Frostcrypt Essence Katana 3.jpg

Twin Daggers Frostcrypt Essence Twin Daggers 1.jpg Frostcrypt Essence Twin Daggers 2.jpg

Double Saber Frostcrypt Essence Double Saber 1.jpg Frostcrypt Essence Double Saber 2.jpg

Soaring Blades Frostcrypt Essence Soaring Blades 1.jpg Frostcrypt Essence Soaring Blades 2.jpg

Rod Frostcrypt Essence Rod 1.jpg Frostcrypt Essence Rod 2.jpg

@Arcess Thanks for showing the frostcrypt! I was wondering whether it would just be a camo for katanas or if it had more too it. Back to taking screenshots of * Tempest Leaves I go...

Four hours. It actually took me four whole hours to gather all the screenshots I needed for this *Tempest Leaves camo post...

MEL weapons link!

RNG weapons link!

TEC weapons link!


Source! 384f51eb-a340-432e-be72-4b4a2627b585-image.png

Really wish the gunblade looked more like the Twin Dagger. Same with the TMGs, not a fan of the kabuki mask looking thing. Or would it be an "Oni" mask? Love the look of the Double Saber and Assault Rifle. On the fence with the Launcher, think it would be better without the extra box under it but think I like the Skuld better for Launchers, or the Barmonium, but all three have workable "steam punk" themes to them.

I always wonder why they never include Harmonizer on all those "All weapons" camos. Feels like Summonee gets no love when it comes to these cosmetics. I would have loved to see a Harmonizer from Tempest Leaves.

Weapon Camo: *Mamoru's Cosmo Gun

Weapon Type: Gunblade/Assault Rifle/TMG

This camo comes from the Cosmo Fleet Heroes AC Scratch, which is a collaboration with a famous anime series called Space Battleship Yamato. I've never seen this anime, but it seems to be regarded as a Cult Classic among the community (specially in Japan.)

Sheathed: First image is for both A. Rifle and Gunblade, second is TMG. IMG_20210218_210007.jpg IMG_20210218_210005.jpg

This camo sadly suffers from the problem that it really doesn't change much depending on the weapon, it looks exactly the same regardless of what you use. Only difference is that TMG uses 2 of the same weapon, and when unsheathed the rear part of the gun expands. IMG_20210218_210009.jpg IMG_20210218_210020.jpg

It can look very wack when doing certain actions or poses, like here doing the male Gunblade Pose emote. IMG_20210218_210022.jpg

I suppose if you're a fan of SBY you will like the weapon, but otherwise, there isn't much appeal.

@ikerism Not sure how anyone else does it, but what I do is buy one of every Sigma weapon, as those can be equipped by all classes (and switch to Summoner if I need to show Harmonizer since a Sigma version doesn't exist), and keep them in my storage.

Then I simply equip the camo, go to a gateway ship (usually forest since it's the first one), adjust the camera, equip the relevant weapons and start taking screenshots (as jpg due to file size):

  • Sheathed
  • Weapon out
  • Weapon normal attack - spam the screenshot button and pick the best resulting shot

Then it's just a matter of renaming the files and creating the post. For some reason if you try to attach multiple images in one go they appear in reverse alphabetical order, and the site appears to choke if you upload too many at a time.

@Arcess Thank you for the tips! I'm pretty sure I have some all-class weapons lying around in my character storages that I can pool into one character.

My process is roughly the same as yours, but instead of going to the forest gateway ship, I go into the damage calculation practice area because it gives me more room to get a better picture. The main issue that I face is the fact that I waste so much time trying to get a nice angle to take the picture from. I'll probably cut down on the number of pictures to a minimum of 3 (sheathed, unsheathed, normal attack) and a maximum of 4 for ranged weapons.