Multi-weapon Camos



Holstered - Identical across weapons, has dangly ribbon Fortilebe Sword 1.jpg

Sword Fortilebe Sword 2.jpg Fortilebe Sword 3.jpg

Rod (Property damage!) Fortilebe Rod 1.jpg Fortilebe Rod 2.jpg

Skia Strain

Double Saber/Soaring Blades

Double Saber Skia Strain Double Saber 1.jpg Skia Strain Double Saber 2.jpg Skia Strain Double Saber 3.jpg

Soaring Blades Skia Strain Soaring Blades 1.jpg Skia Strain Soaring Blades 2.jpg Skia Strain Soaring Blades 3.jpg

Carol Whithia

Double Saber/Rod/Wand

Not much to see here, no special effects except sound of weapon swings

Holstered - Identical across weapons Carol Whithia Double Saber 1.jpg

Out - Identical across weapons (different stances) Carol Whithia Double Saber 2.jpg

Swinging - Identical across weapons (different stances) Carol Whithia Double Saber 3.jpg

Smart Obs

Katana/Twin Machine Guns/Jet Boots

Katana Smart Obs Katana 1.jpg Smart Obs Katana 2.jpg Smart Obs Katana 3.jpg

Twin Machine Guns (Easy to carry!) Smart Obs TMG 1.jpg Smart Obs TMG 2.jpg Smart Obs TMG 3.jpg

Jet Boots Smart Obs Jet Boots 1.jpg Smart Obs Jet Boots 2.jpg Smart Obs Jet Boots 3.jpg

Zodiac Sign - Your other option for weapons from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away

Soaring Blades/Twin Daggers

Holstered - Identical across weapons Zodiac Sign Soaring Blades 1.jpg

Soaring Blades Zodiac Sign Soaring Blades 2.jpg Zodiac Sign Soaring Blades 3.jpg

Twin Daggers Zodiac Sign Twin Daggers 1.jpg Zodiac Sign Twin Daggers 2.jpg

Solaris (Big blue wings!)


Another of those camos with the same model across all weapons

Holstered - Identical across weapons Solaris Rod 1.jpg

Rod Solaris Rod 2.jpg Solaris Rod 3.jpg

Partisan Solaris Partisan 1.jpg Solaris Partisan 2.jpg

Wand Solaris Wand 1.jpg Solaris Wand 2.jpg

Liberation (For aspiring edgelords/edgeladies, no, Kyokuya, slapping cookies to the floor doesn't count)


Holstered - Identical across weapons Liberation Katana 1.jpg

Katana Liberation Katana 2.jpg Liberation Katana 3.jpg

Rod - Reverse grip, head trails black smoke, head clips floor (property damage!) Liberation Rod 1.jpg Liberation Rod 2.jpg

Wand Liberation Wand 1.jpg Liberation Wand 2.jpg

That's all I have on hand for multi-weapon camos that haven't already been done, unless someone wants an action shot of something in particular.

For example, Kaguraise Twin Machine Guns Kaguraise Twin Machine Guns 1.jpg

Whoa, that makes 95 images posted! 😯

Silly me just realised that Camradio Amok, Finesse Caridas, Addict Charme and Broma Petriema essentially form a set and the collector in me got itchy and I ended up kissing my meseta goodbye.

More posts to come. Let me know if I should do Addict Charme again for completeness.

Broma Petriema

Gunblade/Wired Lance/Knuckles/Soaring Blades/Twin Machine Guns/Rod

There's a reason this one is so much cheaper than the others, right?

Gunblade - Shot effects and sound identical to Finesse Caridas and Addict Charme, melee mode has spiked mace that extends and retracts when switching Broma Petriema Gunblade 1.jpg Broma Petriema Gunblade 2.jpg Broma Petriema Gunblade 3.jpg Broma Petriema Gunblade 4.jpg Broma Petriema Gunblade 5.jpg

Wired Lance Broma Petriema Wired Lance 1.jpg Broma Petriema Wired Lance 2.jpg Broma Petriema Wired Lance 3.jpg

Knuckles - Fist opens up when punching Broma Petriema Knuckles 1.jpg Broma Petriema Knuckles 2.jpg Broma Petriema Knuckles 3.jpg

Soaring Blades - Blades extend when unholstered Broma Petriema Soaring Blades 1.jpg Broma Petriema Soaring Blades 2.jpg Broma Petriema Soaring Blades 3.jpg

Twin Machine Guns - Guns open up when firing Broma Petriema TMG 1.jpg Broma Petriema TMG 2.jpg Broma Petriema TMG 3.jpg Broma Petriema TMG 4.jpg

Rod (I have a big rod, but it's deformed!) Broma Petriema Rod 1.jpg Broma Petriema Rod 2.jpg Broma Petriema Rod 3.jpg

Camradio Amok

Gunblade/Sword/Double Saber/Launcher/Wand

Shots glow red instead of purple like the other Persona camos

Gunblade - Holstered is same appearance as ranged mode Camradio Amok Gunblade 1.jpg Camradio Amok Gunblade 2.jpg Camradio Amok Gunblade 3.jpg Camradio Amok Gunblade 4.jpg

Sword Camradio Amok Sword 1.jpg Camradio Amok Sword 2.jpg Camradio Amok Sword 3.jpg

Double Saber Camradio Amok Double Saber 1.jpg Camradio Amok Double Saber 2.jpg Camradio Amok Double Saber 3.jpg

Launcher Camradio Amok Launcher 1.jpg Camradio Amok Launcher 2.jpg Camradio Amok Launcher 3.jpg Camradio Amok Launcher 4.jpg

Wand - Yes, that's an axe Camradio Amok Wand 1.jpg Camradio Amok Wand 2.jpg Camradio Amok Wand 3.jpg

Thanks again for all the contributions. Glad to see this project gaining momentum.

Given that there's 20 pages now, mostly glad I can just search "in:topic-2258 <weapon type>" or "in:topic-2258 <camo name>" to see what's there.

"Skia Strain Double Saber/Soaring Blades" God this one torks me off so much. I got it and just wanted to slap the devs with a hammer. They can extend the blade into 2 rapiers for soaring blades but just made it wand animations for DS? WHY!?

The Broma Petriema are pretty neat. Most of the falz camos are all really good and unique for almost each weapon they support. It's a shame they didn't do every weapon for every falz camo. Oh well.

@Sparhawk said in Multi-weapon Camos:

It's a shame they didn't do every weapon for every falz camo. Oh well.

Agreed. However, you'll notice apart from each having gunblade, they cover all weapons between them. I'm sure that was the point.

That said, I just wish we could equip more than a single camo so all weapons usable by a class could be covered. I bought Blitz Horizon to cover my Ranger, and we can all see how that turned out. 😉