Multi-weapon Camos

Weapon Camo: Elder Pain

Weapon Type: Sword/Partisan/Double Saber/Wand

IMG_20201029_200300.jpg IMG_20201029_200302.jpg

It looks exactly the same across all these weapons, even Double Saber. I believe you get it for doing a Story Quests.

Weapon Camo: Divine Blade Qrostriz

Weapon Type: Double Saber/Sword/Katana IMG_20201029_211002.jpg IMG_20201029_210554.jpg

Looks the same across all weapons (yes, even Double Saber.) It was obtained through a campaign where you had to complete Party Maneuvers I and 2, it happened from August 19th to September 1st. You could buy it from the Players shop but they're quite expensive. You get a cool wings effect when you unsheathe the weapon. IMG_20201029_210556.jpg

Weapon Camo: Hyper Ninja

Sword: IMG_20201029_212427.jpg IMG_20201029_212429.jpg

Soaring Blades: IMG_20201029_212431.jpg IMG_20201029_212432.jpg

Jet Boots (sheath is the same as SB): IMG_20201029_212555.jpg

It was part of a giveaway code at the end of the Arks Hour stream (it happened 2 days ago), idk if you can still redeem the code, but as of right now they are rather cheap in the Personal Shop. Also when unsheathed it releases an electric bubble around the player. IMG_20201029_212557.jpg

Weapon Camo: Weyland Angriff

Sword: IMG_20201029_213935.jpg IMG_20201029_213937.jpg

Partisan: IMG_20201029_213938.jpg IMG_20201029_213941.jpg

Rod: IMG_20201029_214036.jpg IMG_20201029_214037.jpg

I'm pretty sure this is a random drop from Supernaturals, so you can get it from Buster Quests and Bewitched Woods. There's also a Launcher but it's an individual camo.

Weapon Camo: Lilli Rops

Rod: IMG_20201029_214937.jpg IMG_20201029_214940.jpg

Double Saber: IMG_20201029_214941.jpg IMG_20201029_214943.jpg

Katana: IMG_20201029_214956.jpg IMG_20201029_214958.jpg IMG_20201029_215001.jpg

Currently available in the Mission Pass Season 9, Tier 4

Thanks for all the contributions, Meikoloid. Heh, aside from the Angriff these don't exactly fit your "motif," do they? Still haven't found a good scythe-esque Rod camo yet. Although after digging through some of the JP stuff I see one called "White Lightning" or something to that effect that could be a winner. There is, at least, a 13* Rod that's scythe-like available now through the collections sheets but I'm not overly fond of the skeletal theme of that series.

L4D Frying Pan - Wand/Rod

L4D Frying Pan.png

L4D Frying Pan - Twin Daggers (just become two and change the way to hold)

L4D Frying Pan Twin daggers2.png L4D Frying Pan Twin daggers.png

Crowbar - Sword

Crowbar sword.png

Crowbar - Katana

Crowbar katana.png Crowbar katana2.png

Crowbar - Harmonizer

Crowbar Harmonizer.png

Crowbar - Dual Saber

Crowbar dual saber.png

Crowbar - Soaring Blades

Crowbar soaring blades.png Crowbar soaring blades2.png

Yea seems like there's a lot that don't change shape, though they double themselves with the dual wield melee weapons.

Honestly find it a bit strange the L4D pan even works on twin daggers as not only is that really weird, Franca's Frying Pan does not. What's even weirder though is that Akkiko's Frying Pan was a katana yet neither the L4D pan nor Franca's work on katanas.

  • Virtuous Contract/Beastlord (Nier: Automata Collab)

Sheathed (the same for all weapons)


Sword(Hero)/Double Saber

Sword(Hero)/Double Saber







It glows when sheathing

It glows when sheathing

  • Wild Falcon (Sakura Memories AC Scratch)

Sheathed (the same for all weapons)








@zaffy2005, do you have a compiled version of all the weapon camos so far somewhere?

@Dorien As far as all known camos, whether weapon specific or multi? I've mostly been relying on the wikis for that, and those are most often limited to only showing the inventory icon with no real hint as to what they actually look like.

Weapon Camo: Muse Bless

Weapon Type: TMG/Twin Daggers IMG_20201103_163329.jpg IMG_20201103_163330.jpg IMG_20201103_163332.jpg

The last picture is one of the Twin Daggers. I didn't screenshot the sheath because it's invisible. It was part of the Star Keeper AC Scratch that ran from August 26th to September 23rd.

Weapon Camo: Gravinet

Weapon Type: Partisan/Sword/Double Saber IMG_20201103_164746.jpg IMG_20201103_164744.jpg IMG_20201103_164748.jpg IMG_20201103_164749.jpg

Same design through all weapon types. It was part of the Shining Heroes AC Scratch that ran from July 22nd to August 19th.

Weapon Camo: Jumbo Twinder

Weapon Type: Knuckles/Twin Daggers/TMG

Sheath (same for all weapons): IMG_20201103_165536.jpg

Knuckles: IMG_20201103_165542.jpg

Twin Daggers: IMG_20201103_165745.jpg

TMG: IMG_20201103_165538.jpg IMG_20201103_165540.jpg

It was part of the Designer Dreams AC Scratch that ran from September 3rd to September 30th