Multi-weapon Camos

Weapon Camo: Repple Lamere

Weapon Type: Twin Machine Guns

ReppleLamere_TMG2.jpg ReppleLamere_TMG1.jpg

That's it for now. Just realized after I finished up for the night that I've completely forgotten the Twin Daggers weapon type so I'll be on the hunt for an AE version of those as well as continuing to look for an AE bow, rod, wand, and talis, assuming there are any for the TEC weapons (since they're such a niche class).

πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» Thanks for taking the item to do this

@SaviorZero82 Thanks for the suggestion of using the gate ship and how to turn off the UI. Pictures are much clearer this way. Unfortunately still very "hit or miss" (and mostly "miss") trying to get dynamic pose/action shots.

And I should probably make a note here, seems like just about all the "Leaf in an Autumn Breeze" forms include a visual effect of red, orange, and yellow leaves fluttering around and being scattered about by your attacks.

And the Repple Lamere seems to be very water themed. Aside from the obvious (wired lances being clam shells) when I was shooting the TMGs the gunshot sound effect seemed to have been replaced by almost a splashing sound.

Still have to get Twin Dagger shots for the Leaf, possible Lamere (have to double check to see if it applies to TDs) and then it's back to grinding for enough Photon Boosters for the next camo.

@zaffy2005 NP and later there will be emotes that help show off the weapons better we just have to wait for them to come out

Weapon Camo: Zephyr Flage

Weapon Type: Sword PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 (zephyrs1).jpg The blade part extends when ready. PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 (zephyrs2).jpg

Weapon Type: Assault Rifle PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 (zephyra).jpg

Weapon Type: Twin Machine Guns PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 (zephyrtmg).jpg

Weapon Type: Wand PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 (zephyrw).jpg

I had the image of assault rifle in hand, so I thought making other 3 weapon types won't be so hard. But actually, I felt it was pretty hard work. Please don't expect other items from me in the near future 😁

And speaking of an earlier topic, I personally think premium set is not that useful for making this kind of screen shots. The emote stop command won't be meaningful for weapons until latest emotes that uses the actual equipped weapons in the motion. We will have to wait for a while to see those emotes come to NA.

The custom light setting is very helpful to take portraits of characters, but not that needed for weapon camos, IMO. The images of this post didn't use that feature at all.

@Fiona-Respha Thank you for the contribution. Heh, it is kinda time consuming, especially for the weapon types I have to change characters for. Pretty sure I've seen an AE Bow and Katana, just haven't bought either one yet. I'm not sure there are any AE Rods, Wands, or Talises, though. Maybe I should dump all my AE weapons on Yurielle and make her be the "model" since she already has Rods and Talises as a Force, and the ability to equip the Nox Kuklos Wand.

@zaffy2005 After having a quick look, I'm surprised to find some famous low rarity all-class bows in JP server are not yet available in NA. So I suppose the situation is not so easy as grab an all-class weapon and done. Maybe you have to make careful choice among the items available in NA. I suppose this wiki already covers most of the NA weapons, if not all (

Still, I think raising the DEX to 440 and buy Sigma series is the most simple way! 😁

@Fiona-Respha Perhaps, but is Dex useful for anything other than Braver and Bouncer? Right now most of these are being taken using a Ranger (who have little use for Dex) and because I'm thinking of doing all this on my Force (as that's simpler than trying to find an AE Rod, Wand, and Talis on top of the Bow and Twin Daggers.

Problem with the Sigmas as I mentioned is they can get expensive. Just checked and the Sigma Janga (TD) is 40k+ and the Sigma Branch (Bow) is 95k, and the Sigma Seigan (Katana) is 39k, and those are the cheapest prices right now. Being 12-star weapons I don't see those dropping in price until 14 or even 15-star items are available, if then.

I liked the Lambdas. They were cheap, almost never over 5k. Most of the other AE or even ME (multi-euip) weapons in the Shops aside from the Sigmas (which I still consider expensive) are in the 1.8mil+ range. Or they're from the Unique Weapon shop at 400 badges a piece.

@zaffy2005 Yes, I agree to most of your points. "Simple" doesn't mean the best for your situation.

And just in case, I never recommend making a mixed mag. If we are to add DEX from a mag, it should come from a pure DEX mag (300 AC!!!).

Probably the rest of the calculation is the one only you can solve. Balancing between the budget and the work needed to swap characters is a pretty subjective matter, I think πŸ™‚

Very neat idea to do this! Also, I will pass on the feedback from the first paragraph of your post to the rest of the team. πŸ™‚

@GM-Deynger This is definitely something that would be a lot easier with certain "tools" in game, but would be altogether unnecessary if we had in-game previews and/or better yet a detailed, online database with full-size/HD showcase images. But, until then, I'll keep plugging away at this as I can.

Maybe add pressing X while on the preview window to display what other weapons the camo covers

@SaviorZero82 Or having the existing preview (tiny as it is) default to whatever weapon you currently have equipped if it's compatible.

@zaffy2005 yeah that could also work, btw if you have a mouse hooked up to the Xbox you can resize that window tho it’s only temporary after you quit the game the windows go back to the default size

@SaviorZero82 Didn't know about resizing the window, but I do know you can use the control sticks on the Xbox controller to zoom and rotate at least.