Switching Characters

Hello SEGA Team,

Would love to see an option or a counter available for quickly switching between characters on the same ship. I don't really want to log out and log back in every time. What is the feasibility for something like this?



I don't think that would be possible at all.

Would have been nice, but indeed impossible as Ragnawind mentioned. Every Phantasy Star game has had you exit your game session to either go back to a log-in or switch character screen, even for offline game play. (Minus the original series from pre-1995 and their remakes for obvious reasons.)

Even in the single-player post-original series titles (IE: Portable) you had to go all the way to the title screen and choose a different character.

Pretty much any other MMORPG also requires you to log out.

That would be nice maybe just add the option and do the login in the backgroud so it just looks like it took you strait to the character selet?

I don't see them doing this. With properly logging out they sever base characters. Can you imagine if you switched characters and both got erased because they where sharing server data. It's always been this way and honestly doesn't take more than a minute to log off and change.