ARKS LEAGUE Reward Dialogue Blank

Upon clicking to receive the reward, a prompt with an empty box appeared and ask if you wanted to receive it.

The "Rewards" tab of the ARKS League menu is also blank.

Yep. Seems to be this way for everyone. So that's unfortunate. Hopefully we will be rewarded properly soon. I also hope they fix this week's time attack mission that isn't in the game.

Anyway, this seems appropriate.

alt text

@Home-Dog yeah, even though the EXP Tickets is a horrible reward anyways. Not worth taking an hour and a half out of the day to participate just to hoard up tickets for level cap increase.

Recent twitter post:

Attention, Arks. We have confirmed an issue in which some users have been unable to receive their ARKS League rewards on 4/28. For those who have not received the rewards, we have sent them directly to you. These can be claimed from the Visiphone, under “Receive Campaign Items”.