Least favorite,most favorite NPC.

Which NPCs do you love, whether it's as an ally or just to chit chat too.?

Which one do you loathe. Which NPC do you want to drag into an air lock and space them just to see them die?

I love Lottie. Reminds me of my sister

Loathe Afin and the Lillipans . Afin with his fake english? Australian? Accent. And those dirt rabbits I want to make a fur coat with their mangey hides.

Least favorite? I really wouldn't know. Most favorite is Gene, sadly.

Least favorite?That's a tie between Dudu and Monica. As for my favorite, I'm going to give that to Ko'Rela

Sadly these ones aren't in the NA version yet and no idea what their names eventually are going to be but.

Favorite = Phaleg

Least = Khori

@ErinXh said in Least favorite,most favorite NPC.:

Favorite = Phaleg

[ Ara Ara Intensifies. ]

My "favorite" (for now) is the CAST lady on the second floor / overlook area in the main lobby. She's nice.

Favorite: Io

Least favorite: Katori

Most favorite? Probably Matoi. She's precious, and dearly loves the player character. I mean, Vivienne did in PSU, but the writers were like "WELP WE CAN'T HAVE ANYBODY LIKING THE PLAYER CHARACTER TO THAT DEGREE THEY'RE JUST SUPPOSED TO EB A BACKGROUND CHARACTER HURRRRRRRRRR".

Least favorite is Hitsugi. Her personality is as flat as her chest, and they insist on shoving her as the main character of Episode 4, and it was ungodly annoying.

My favorite NPC will always be Lisa, she's too perfect!

Least favorite would probably be.. .. actually, now that I'm all caught up with how PSO2 is working since I had to stop playing, Klotho is now my least favorite... he let SEGA take away his VH and SH TACOs... I don't know how much of a fight he put up.. but now I never feel a reason to go near him other than to use my favorite storage and visiphone spots...

I have a thing for the female CASTS of the game, I don't have it on PC yet but I have been watching my brother play. My opinions changed a bit with the NA release.

I adore Risa (Lisa) love the more subtle unhinged voice actress she has, I loved her in Japanese as well, she is one of my constant pals #1 best girl.

Barbara's voice blindsided me, I didn't give her much time on JP but definitely will on NA. Fourie is a cutie, I approve of her voice actress as well.

Was NOT happy with Maria's NA granny voice annoys me to no end... ugh... She had a mature voice in JP but didn't sound like she was going to fall apart at any minute.

However my least favorite character both NA and JP, who I do not like even MORE than Afin is Theodore ... oh my god ... I have no love for Theodore I'm sorry. I was hoping i could feel for him in the NA version and the english voice actor made me hate him more.. No no no no.. I hate Theodore.