Text Display Settings not saving

In the Options menu - Game Settings - Text Display Settings, the different text size options for damage, recovery and EXP when altered from the default Large standard, do not save after applying and restarting the game. I have to change again every time.

Yup same for me aswell

This is the top google result. Clearly only 3 of us even bother with this setting considering this post has been up for about 16 days with no other replies. I've noticed a few other things don't stick as well when going through load screens like camera distance and online status. These should at least stick during the session.

From what I have noticed, it seems that the settings that are not saving for me are some of the ones that are supposed to be saved client side rather than server side, like all of this, the display layout of Inventory/Storage (grid v list), and any changes that are made to window size and position with the mouse. I wonder if deleting the local save data would fix it (I would try it, but I don't want to lose my locally saved character creation data).

@AndrlCh interesting. I would say in large quotation marks you "should" be able to delete local without worry as long as you have recently played online. Of course we're talking about Microsoft so I understand your apprehension. I might give this a try myself.

When we use product search of personal shop, we can input part of the item name and let the system show a list of full item names. I think there must be some kind of dictionary for item names used in this conversion process. This dictionary may be saved in the local save data of the game. Probably it depends on the platforms, at least PS4 and PS Vita have the dictionary in the local save data. When I re-install PSO2 in these platforms, the dictionary forget most of the things If I don't restore the local save data.

So, maybe deleting the save data of Xbox One can cause a similar problem of resetting the dictionary.