You thought Luther Fails were bad. Get raid for a whole new ballgame

Mining base is on the way XD. If some of you thought failing luther was bad then prepare for a whole new wave of fails. Though jokes aside people will learn and people will improve but i do expect to see some struggle at first seeing as many have said they do not want to carry others. But at least its not the dragon yet.

Indeed, though at least NA players have the mobility options we didn't have in the JP version back when the mining base UQs were first added.

At least it's just the first one for now, the others mining base UQs get incrementally harder, so overall these series of quests will be a great preoparation for future harder content for the community. 😛

I'm just worried that we are going to have people rubbing their individual point ranking from the mission in other people's faces, and the inevitable rumors spreading that it effects your drops.

Can be said for pretty much any new UQ. (The ones you can fail.) Or better yet, it doesn't differ so much from real life too. No matter how cliched it all sounds, it is for the majority of situations quite true. "One will fail first, before one succeeds."

With PSO2 and many other games, "You'll only get better by playing it/You won't get better by not playing it." Guides and tutorials are indeed a great fountain of knowledge and wisdom and one could prepare first by reading and following them before participating, but it only gets you so far. To truly understand the content and to get better at them, one needs to participate in them. There is no other way to get better at UQ's than just doing them, and no means of training for Urgent Quests beforehand.

The first run will in most cases never end 'perfectly'. (Not saying it will fail, but getting a 'perfect' run on anything you try for the first time is rare. It surely can happen, but when it does it might have been more based on luck than it was conscientiously achieved. If it wasn't, expect it to be an outlier rather than a common occurrence.)

"A master has failed more attempts than a beginner has even tried." Failures will come, it's to be expected. Even in real life. As long as one is willing to learn from failures and mistakes, all is good.

im really excited for this, it was one of my favorites on jp.

Curious to see if the Northern Star Heroes culture makes its way to NA's Mining Base Defense and the return of the Irumegid/Illmegid spam.

Can't wait to see all the crying once the harder difficulties are added in and suddenly these "i don't want to carry people" suddenly get destroyed.

Time to make sure I have a subclass with high mobility PAs equipped.

Time to stand at the spawn area to kill the first wave. Mining base is probably one of the faster UQs and the music gets you pumped as each wave comes at you.