Think you’re top ARKS material? Put it to the test with ARKS League! Compete with a group of ARKS of similar merit and find out who can achieve the highest score! To the victor, go the rewards! alt text Greetings, Arks! Want to find out where you rank among your fellow operatives? Sharpen your skills by competing with others in your League for Experience Tickets (EXP) and accolades during April 2020! Those operatives who are logged in when ARKS LEAGUE begins are sorted into Leagues. To prevent some players from having a head-start, operatives are also matched based on the approximate time of their entry into the event. Rewards, distributed approximately 30 minutes after the event has ended, can be picked up from ARKS LEAGUE OFFICER MIMI in the Gate Area. For more details, see this entry in the game manual.

Ways to join ARKS League:

  • From the Main Menu, navigate to “Quests”, then “Current Events”, and then “ARKS Leagues.”
  • Speak with ARKS League Officer Mimi at the Quest Counter in the Gate Area and ask her about the latest League information.
  • Move to a new Block.

Typical goals assigned by ARKS League include the following:

  • Defeat as many of the assigned enemy as you can!
  • Complete an assigned Quest as fast as you can!
  • Collect as many of the assigned item as you can!

*If ARKS League opens while you’re on a Quest, you’ll need to re-accept the Quest to have your progress count.

**You will not be put into another League during the event, even if you level up and qualify for more difficult Quests.

***The duration of ARKS Leagues vary depending on the day.

alt text

April 2020

League Type: Defeat the specified enemy!

Enemy Type: Falspawn

Rewards: arksleague.PNG *Reward type may change per ARKS League campaign period.

One way to fulfill these goals is to join Urgent Quests if they are available. Check out the current Urgent Quest schedule for more information! Good luck Arks! Given the fact that Oracle’s operatives are quite talented, prepare yourself for some fierce competition!

-The PSO2 Team