Lookin’ to while away some time until your next quest? There’s no better place to do it than the Casino, especially since they’ve created a few special events for ARKS! alt text Feeling the need to recharge after trading scrapes with Dark Falz Luther? Take a trip to the Casino! Accessible directly from every location (except your Personal Quarters so as not to disturb those who are resting) is the Casino. Here, Arks can unwind with a game of Rappy Slots, Mesetan Shooter, or Black Nyack, and potentially win prizes! It’s also the perfect place to spend some well-earned rest for the upcoming PSO2 Day!

While the payout at Oracle’s Casinos is good, ARKS will be flexing the generosity muscle by providing additional bonuses when playing Casino games! How neat is that? For more information on the Casino, check out our detailed Game Manual.

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  • In RAPPY SLOTS, some machines will be “hotter” than others!
  • In LILLI ROULETTE, the “Double Chance” and “Triple Chance” patterns will have a higher probability of occurring!
  • In MESETAN SHOOTER, PSE levels will rise faster!
  • In ARKUMA SLOTS, coin winnings will be increased!
  • In BLACK NYACK, there will be an increased chance of triggering Pursuit Bonus in addition to receiving more winnings when it occurs!

casino1.PNG casino3.png

So Arks, if you’re feeling the need to take it easy for a while and experience some laughter and fun, head on down to the Casino!

-The PSO2 Team