Stacking support devices in your mag

Hey guys I was wondering can you stack support devices like if I use 3 support HP Recovery k for my mag will they all work together as one? Like heal at the same time or what?

Nope, you have to feed your mag items one at a time. There is no faster way to do it. But since you can only feed you mag 3 items on an empty stomach it's not that big of a deal. However, there is no feeding queue to automate the process for you. I hope that is what you were asking.

Those Mag devices will not all work at the same time, rather they will work one after another after their trigger condition is met; in the case of HP Recovery K, the trigger is 16 seconds passing. This means that 16 seconds will pass, then the first will go off, and go into a 12 minute cool down, then after another 16 seconds the next will go off and go into a 12 minute cool down, then another 16 seconds and the last one will go off and enter its 12 minute cool down. This means all three go off in less than a minute and they are inactive for at least another 11 minutes.

Stacking Devices is only useful for those that don't have a 100%, timebased trigger rate since it increases the odds of them going off.