How is the game?

I'm a person who has played this game for a really long time and am waiting for the windows 10 NA release. Just wondering how everyone is finding the game so far, how is the NA community? 🙂

It has alot of potential. The best feature imo full English text/voice

TL;DR : Game shows its age in some areas, but looks and feels solid. Voice acting is a worthy translation, no Funimation shennanigans. The community will be a mixed bag just like everyplace else but seems pretty even to me.

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I have been playing the game on JP servers for 6 years, I like it. I'm going to play the NA version till the servers close (no sign of that happening anytime soon.) PSO to me is a Hack'n'slash instanced lobby RPG with one hell of a looter gameplay/grind loop. There is plenty to enjoy here. The graphics are a bit dated, and the older environments could use some sprucing up. That being said, my brother is playing it on our 4K TV and it still looks pretty darn good. The action is still fun and frantic. You may find yourself needing to adjust the camera settings when dealing with monsters who stretch 2-3 screens in size. Those big boys can blot out your camera making it difficult to tell what the heck is going on. Also, in my opinion, the game is pretty well optimized even when areas get crowded very rarely do lag spikes occur for me, again I'm currently playing the JP version. Lastly your difficulty curve is not there until you get to Very hard difficulties until then enjoy mowing everything down with a few hits.

The gameplay loop is smooth -> Get quest -> Run Dungeon -> Loot stuff -> Turn in Quest -> Upgrade gear and skills -> Repeat. Newer plays may get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of rewards and items that get thrown in their faces for free. But the dopamine rush is real if you are into looter shooters and diablo style rng/loot mechanics.

The English voice acting has made some interesting choices to say the least. Some of my favorite CASTS ended up sounding like elderly people, which is odd. The deliveries are a mixed bag, some voice actors sound like they are actually putting some emotion into what they are saying, while others sound like they are just reading their lines off of a card. You may hear some familiar voices if you are into dubbed anime and RPGs, which let me know they did drop some money on this aspect, nowhere near the dumpster fire that was PSU.

The music is a matter of taste, I personally feel the soundtrack could have used some westernization but I'm not so arrogant to think they would feel the necessity to do so. It is a very flighty, light-and-fluffy, spacy, new-agey sci-fi stuff. The thing that gets me is that it doesn't really change its tone throughout the game. So when a character is under a stressful moment or someone dies, this happy music is playing the entire freakin time in the background which can kill the mood (for me.) My suggestion is to turn down the music and crank up your favorite tunes which will work wonders. That being said I do love the effort they put into translating the concerts, so give those a shot at least once, but yeah the music is an acquired taste.

Lastly Community: I'm not on NA yet. Like you, I am waiting for Win 10 release. I live with my brother and he is pretty much a loner without me so I have seen very little interactions with other people as he is playing. I take the goings-on of the forums as a small percentage of the community but a decent representation of what you can expect: some nice people, some jack@$$es. If JP is any indication it will depend on what ship you are on, the older more popular ships gather some rather colorful if not toxic individuals ... It doesn't bother me as I have a thick skin. The newer, less popular ships are pretty quiet, keep to themselves but are generally polite when they DO interact. So your mileage may vary.

Take my "review" with a grain of salt however and just give it a shot when it comes out. There really isn't much to lose other than time if you find it doesn't mesh for you. The game is 8 years old and still is rockin' overseas, I hope it will remain just as popular here as some of us JP players migrate to NA.

Aside from some of the voice acting (some of it is annoying but none of it is game breaking) the game is off to a pretty solid start on the NA side of things, at least in my opinion. Missions are fun, classes are enjoyable to play. Music is decent. It's not overly grindy to level up either which is nice. Meseta is also very easy to earn. So yeah, for me it is hitting most of the right notes.