Friends can't join alliance/party

I have people from my friends list on all three ships and can only see the one on my own ship 1. It's really frustrating because this is a great multiplayer game I have been waiting to play for 8 years and now we can't play together! Is there a solution to this problem?

The only way is to have them all transfer to a single ship/server.

@coldreactive And this will cost money?

@UnveiledBiscuit Assuming that it follows the same pricing as the JPN version, it will cost 700AC for a transfer. That said, Ship transfers are not yet available on the NA server.

Other than waiting for Ship transfers to be implemented, your only real option is for you guys to make new characters on a single Ship together. If you have less than 3 total characters this is free, but if you already have 3, then it costs 500AC to make a new one.

As a note, you're paying for the right to make a new character. You're not paying for a permanent character slot.

When ship transfers are implemented, and you purchase one; you have to wait for the next scheduled maintenance to occur after your purchase to have your characters transferred.