Symbol art list

How do I add an alliance flag ? When I go to “select” all the symbol art boxes are empty. Is it possible to add one through a flash drive or something ?

Alliance Flags are of the small-type of Symbol Art. You need to create one yourself or have someone make it for you.

Now, in the PC version it's simple matter of uploading an image of the correct file type and size, right? What are the options for Xbox players? Are we stuck trying to figure out the in-game art tools or is there a way for us to upload images made on/scanned to a computer?

@zaffy2005 Nope, there is no way to just upload an image to create Symbol Art on the PC; there were a few programs that were created over the years to take an image and convert it into a SA file, but the results could be... interesting. For PC, the easiest way to create SAs from an actual picture has been to use an overlay program and "trace" it with the in-game SA Editor.

@AndrlCh So for Xbox players it's purely "steal" an existing SA we've come across or try to use the in-game tool?

And is it possible to "edit" an SA we've saved from the "history" folders?

@zaffy2005 Yes, if you have saved it from your History, then you should be able to edit it.