Who is number one alliance?

Asking because i got invited by an alliance but how do u judge an alliance? How do u see their rankings and what makes an alliance good? What do u look for? I lost my clan a year or 2 ago for another game. So i havnt done any party based games latly and im a little gun shy about jumping in a game invite by someone idk when im on netflix.

the rankings depend on what ship you are on and what you prefer most between alliance points and rare drops. As for how you can see the rankings yourself, go to any visiphone and click Rankings. From there you can see what alliances are in what positions for the current month and the previous months. As for what makes an alliance good? honestly i'd say it depends on what you want cause for some people the total ap that they have to use the tree buffs might be the most important or the total number of active members might be the most important thing, etc.

@Nyles-Locke good lookin out. Yea i got invited by a team claiming number one in points so i ised ur advice to look it up. Debacury is number one in ship 3 im interested but too many people joined