Pet Stats question

Are you able to continue to feed your pet eggs after they are max level to further increase their attributes?

I’ve been feeding my Jinga random stuff, mostly experience eggs, not focusing on any stats in particular. Wondering if I gimped him by doing so?

Or do the stats not make much difference?

@hAZE-1561 Keep feeding the pets while their "pet plus points" grow. When feeding an egg can increase the pet bonus stats, the stats on the "next" row are shown in orange texts. While this happens, its meaningful to feed the pet. You can do this after the pet has reached its level cap.

When the bonus points hits the maximum allowed, the next stats will be shown in red texts. If all of the stats are shown in red, then the bonus stats of the pet are finished, you can stop feeding eggs to it 🙂

My Wanda maxed out at level 65. I see people stating you can get Wanda to higher than 65.

How do you do that?

Do i need to start over with a brand new Wanda egg? or can I feed wanda something??

@NEXTEL-CUP A Pet's max level is determined by its star rarity. When you get a higher rarity Wanda Egg, you can go to the Pet Lab in the Shopping Plaza and use the new Egg to increase the rarity and level cap of your existing Wanda.

@AndrlCh where do these drop??

@NEXTEL-CUP Various places, like Ultimate Quests and Urgent Quests. I believe they also currently have most, if not all, Pets available as 13* Eggs from the Collection File.