Accessory suggestions

A couple of suggestions for accessories:

  1. Give us the ability to save accessory location/size/angle data separate from costume saves (maybe the favorites tab?). That way we can add an item to multiple costumes without having to re-tweak them for each one.

  2. Create a separate accessory section for face and body, each with their own accessory slots. I'm finding that a total of four is not enough; if I want a hair extension, glasses, and earrings, I only have one slot left for body accessories. While you could just expand the total number of slots, separating them into face and body might give a better balance.

I agree with point 2 so much; even on the JPN servers, it has been one of my great frustrations, especially making CAST heads and custom Hairstyles (more so back when it was just 3 accessories total). Here is just an example for where it took me 3 accessories to get a Head looking how I wanted it, leaving me with few options for the last one:

alt text

Honestly, even if it were just 2 more accessory slots (and maybe 1 more of Makeup and Body Paint) I would be ecstatic.