"Send Friend Request" function is non existent

So I cannot figure out how to send a friend request. It should be displayed on the list after selecting a character on the "nearby characters" option, but it is simply not there. This also prevents us from obtaining the "Make 100 Friends" title from the title counter. Please fix this issue.

The option only pops up when you go to your alliance quarters and even then I was informed by an alliance member i sent the request to that it appears to be bugged and couldn't accept because obviously the function is missing and perhaps the game doesn't recognize that.

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Friends on Xbox are based on Gamertag friends. The friend option won't be available until the PC version unless that's based on the Microsoft Account system, if it is, you'll have to wait for a steam release (if ever.)

Similarly, muting players via Xbox will block them in game. (as per the MULTIPLE THREADS asking why they cannot party people.)

thank you for your reply I guess I will have to wait in order to obtain the make 100 friends title