Which Boss comes next? :)

HI, what do you thing which bad guy we have to kick the ass? 😄

As a PC player I haven't really kept up too much on the going-ons of the Xbox One version... however if its true that the NA version's already on Episode 2 UQs then up next I can only imagine would be Magatsu.


Next big thing will be either Mega Stu or the mining base defense EQs. The latter are fun, the former...well, Stu gives out a lot of cubes, at least.

I hate the 100 Magatsu title. But his cubes are great 🙂

OK, we will se 🙂

Luther was a lil bit tougher then Dark Falz Arms and so on... But it was nice to work harder on it 😄

Official twitter account used the picture of a Lillipan to tease that more urgent quests are coming soon, so it's quite likely to be Mining Base Defense, which would make sense since the first 3 of these series of urgent quests were Episode 2 content (only the 4th one was late Ep3 content).

The 3rd cinematic intro is also about these series of quests too, while the next boss is in the 4th cinematic intro.

EDIT: And mining base defense is confirmed:


Next Boss, what you thinking?

@mickschen Mining Base 4 today, which includes a new boss.

Other than that, there's not going to be any new bosses until Episode 4.

mh key. anyway, i will like it 😄