Jinga - Any other way to obtain?

There any way to farm Jinga besides the collection list? I would like to find a light one...

I would check the item drop records on a bunch of the SH AQs to see if any drop an 8-10* Jinga. Afraid I don't know which one drops it exactly.

I don't believe any drop right now, however you can train up a light wanda, then use the jinga egg to evolve it and it will keep the light element.


Did not know you could do that. Iā€™m gonna have to look up the process.

Any idea where to get the evolve item?

@hAZE-1561 You need a Jinga Egg of higher rarity to make a Wanda evolve to Jinga. So you can have a light Wanda of 9-star rarity or less first, then use the collection 10-star fire Jinga egg at Pet Rarity Enhancement menu of the pet lab to make the Wanda evolve.

Once it becomes a 10-star Jinga, probably it will become harder to change its personality. So I recommend to fix the personality of the pet while it is still Wanda.

Note: probably we can use a Jinga egg of the same rarity as the pet Wanda to evolve, not the higher rarity. The online manual says "higher". https://pso2.com/manual/fundamentals/pet

@Fiona-Respha Hi! I know this post is kinda old but I didn't find anything like that, can you tell me how to fix my pet's personality please?

Get an egg having the personality you want, and of the same type (pet race) with a rarity equal to or higher that the pet you want to fix. Then go to Pet Lab and choose Pet Rarity Enhancement. In the enhancement process, you can choose the personality, so pick the new one.

For example, if you want to fix the personality of q 10-star Jinga, you'll first find a Jinga egg of 10-star or higher rarity, with the personality you want. That is... pretty hard I suppose.

Anyway, I'd recommend to have some experiments with cheap 9-stars eggs to understand the enhancement process. Once understood, it's pretty simple, but it can be confusing when doing it for the first time.

@Fiona-Respha Thanks, I appreciate it! Yeah that's exactly what I want to do LMAO. I guess I wont be able to fix it for now šŸ˜ž

@hadduk There is some workaround using the reverting pets to egg feature.

Suppose you want to fix the personality of a 10-star Jinga.


  • Wanda egg of the personality you want.
  • 10-star Jinga egg (any personality)


  • Hatch Wanda egg
  • Use 10-star Jinga egg to rarity enhance the Wanda pet above. It will become a 10-star Jinga pet of the personality needed.
  • Use reverting pets to eggs command of pet lab to return the Jinga above to egg. It will become a 10-star Jinga egg of the personality wanted.
  • Use this Jinga egg to rarity enhance the main Jinga of yours. Personality fixed!

A better point of this workaround is that it's possible to buy a Wanda egg of special personality on personal shops. It will certainly have a nice price tag, but maybe it's easier to find one on your own.

@hAZE-1561 said in Jinga - Any other way to obtain?:

There any way to farm Jinga besides the collection list? I would like to find a light one...

Yes you can find it in the Ultimate Quests.

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@Fiona-Respha Hello! I know this is also old but... when you evolve the pet, will the candies still maintain with the pet?

@GamerChiyu Yes, the candies will stay. The ony way to lose candies is to revert your Pet back into an Egg without first emptying out its Sweets Box.