My subclass isnt gaining xp

Hello I am curious cause I noticed my subclass isnt gaining any xp. Its level 70 and I am trying to level up another class. I went from 58 to 63 on my main class. But my subclass has stayed at 266,450 xp needed to level up.

Subclasses will not gain EXP after level 55. From there you have to use it as your main class to level it up.

And just so you know. If a mission/quest requires 75/75, you can just not have a sub-class, and you'll still be able to go in. Not that I'd recommend it unless you're on a Scion/Successor class.

Thank you for this information. This is the first time I changed my main class to my sub class. And was getting worried. Is there a way to remove a subclass at all? Like unequip it? Just curious to know. Thanks again

@Kenzen-Ssj5jedi Not currently, but there really is no benefits benefit to it.

@AndrlCh yeah I get the no benefit of it was just curious thanks again everyone

When the new classes release select that then select a standard class that way it won't have a sub. That's the only way