Alliance member cap?

Hello every one, so checking if there is an alliance member cap, for example I saw on a site before it was 100 members then you would not be able to invite any one else, now would the same apply if lets say I had close to 100 members, and some one else had that and we did a merger, would we all combine to have a new cap of 200, or would it not allow us to surpass the 100 limit I think is in there.

So recap real quick,

1-What is alliance member cap?

2-Can you increase that cap by merging two alliances together that have close to the max?

100 members is the only information anywhere on the Internet currently. I doubt the game will even let you merge if one alliance is at the cap.

@coldreactive Thats what I thought and saw my self, just wanted to confirm that. Any info though about if we combine if that changes any thing or its the flat 100 memb cap?

Just found out for those who ever have this question in the future, the max in total is 100 as of 4/26/2020, and merging with another alliance only brings in those people, it does not increase the max number you have, or they have. So Total max is the 100.