Nav Rappy vs Rag Rappy

After finally being able to play PSO2 after all these years, one question has been racking my Rappy Brain. Ever since I met the cuddly Nav Rappies the question has been in mind....... Who would win in a fight, Rag Rappy or Nav Rappy? I mean... Rag Rappy can use techniques.... but it appears Nav Rappy is more nimble and has the ability to dig.... So... Who do you think would win?

Hmm... thats a tough one though I think Nav Rappy would win if only cause they seem to be quite durable given that they survive pretty much ANYTHING ARKS throws at them which is usually more over the top, ridiculous but powerful (*One of the upcoming Scion Classes can literally summon a BLACK HOLE to defeat enemies...) compared to what Hunters have been throwing at Rag Rappy... then again, Rag Rappy also survive the instant-death Megid from PSO1 so... 🤷