So is this game still the beta? Or?

Did this game officially launch? If not what will change? And if so thats a big oouufff from me. This game is unbearably easy.

The game is in full release. You wont see actual difficulty increases until you start getting to Super Hard, and then we get Extra Hard later on around Episode 4 - that's when enemies really start to become a challenge.

The game is very casual my friend. You won't get a challenge until Super Hard and/or once Episode 4 drops. So keep grinding those difficulties. If that a dealbreaker you may want to come back at a later date, but by then you may be behind the curve on gear.. soooo... weigh your options. The game has been around for 8 years, only in Beta in NA recently so you are pretty much already getting the idea what is in store for you. The challenge comes in Episode 4 and beyond tho, so there are quite a few things to look forward too. Might as well make sure you have all the mechanics down.

I guarantee he hasn't got a level 75 or even 40 played probably to around 25 if that and thinks he has mastered everything if you are interested play if not dont simple as that

Yet another thread from someone who never bothered to inform himself.

Whatever happened to reading patch notes or news?