Don't break groups up to enter Alliance Quarters

Why does it break groups up, to enter a group based-area where you would want to grouping to happen to begin with?

My friends and I always wondered why groups of alliance mates are broken up to go visit the alliance hall to receive the tree buff. It seems very counter-intuitive to break apart just to either meet back up to reform due to grabbing a buff.

In counter point, I can see everyone not being of the same alliance being removed, or why it might break up for them. However, when I'm in a party of 4 members from my alliance, we should all be able to go as a unit to grab it. It just is like.. weird. I'm sure this is not a priority due to bugfixes and balances, but it can't hurt to get this out there now.

Alliance Quarters and Personal Quarters are in the their own separate set of Blocks, so it treats it as a Block change when you enter them. The game wasn't originally designed to keep parties together when switching Blocks, and you can see the way that they deal with it with Multi-Block matching (which was added in 2017, five years into the life of the game); if you are in a party that does a Multi-Block restart, you'll see that it technically breaks the party up then reforms it on the new Block.