Constant Error 630. No response from PSO2 server.

@FANtasyStarOnline Windows did a update recently both for Visual and defender that are security updates.

I've been playing for a month with no problems on the xbox one x. Then when I started ep 4 the lag, stutter, 1 frame a minute starts to happen whenever I get on. I usually get frustrated and quit out but I waited 5 minute swhile in a telapipe and as soon as I made it to the gateway ship I got that no[630] error code. They take my money the first chance they get then make the game unplayable? My internet is top tier. I don't get problems whatsoever playing cod, battlefield, whatever. Telling me its my connection is a joke. I want my money back.

Bought the game loved it. Played for a week and then error 630 pops up.... I like this game but not that much.

havnt been able to play at all for a week almost about to give up every time i try to log in i get 630 as soon as i see lobby then if i try to play in pso2 regular the screen stays black and nothing loads help please

Howdy! I'm running into this problem. I know I'm online, because it lets me into the character select screen, but as soon as i enter the game after selecting my character, it pops up. "No response from PSO2 server no[630]

No response from PSO2 server. Returning to title screen."

BTW happening at 21:00 ish EST. I haven't been playing for roughly 5 days, and this just started to happen. The client side internet runs pretty well, the servers seem to be normal capacity, I am extremely confused.

Hello again!

If you are experiencing this through PSO2, this bug is as misleading as it is infuriating. If you are using a base PSO2 Body type upon entering an NGS block, it will immediately disconnect you. Why? I have no clue. Upon wearing my Mercury Disciple jacket, I ended up getting locked out, yet once the Deeno outfit was put on, it let me in.

[] This is the video where I found the answer.

SEGA, please fix this bug sometime soon, or at least give a proper explanation as to how this doesn't work?

Hey, I'm trying to play NGS but everytime comes the errror message 603. No response from PSO2 server. Then I have to do all again. As I've just started, I'd to know if is better to change the Ship or it'll still the same? I've made my charather just a few minutes ago, so I wouldn't lost anything.

I've been dc'd 7 times in the last hour trying to run Cradle in PSO2. Apparently they just never plan to fix the DC issues, I'm glad you also get kicked out of any quest you are in when you DC too, solid design choice.

I get 630's multiple times every day on a solid Fiber 1 Gbps connection, and I don't disconnect from any other game.

Ship 1 Block 50 is the worst and I avoid it like the plague, constant lag spikes and 630's.