Constant Error 630. No response from PSO2 server.

I literally stopped playing a few months after release because I got fed up with No[630] Error, but it looks like it's still going strong. Not everyone has stable internet.

From my testing back then, I determined that I have a chance to have this error when my internet loses packets. Losing a packet every so often isn't uncommon in certain cities due to poor maintenance, disruption and congestion. Though there were a good amount of players back then that claimed that they encounter the No[630] Error without losing any packets.

I already gave feedbacks to address this issue back then to no avail. They can increase the delay for internet loss before booting the player with the error, or they can have a system to reconnect when connection is lost. From the games I tested, PSO2 has the shortest time it takes before it "disconnects" giving the No[630] Error. It takes approximately 15 seconds of "disconnection" before the No[630] Error pops up.

There are multiple games that implemented solutions that addresses this issue. If anyone played MS2 at launch, they would most likely also had the same problem. MS2 addressed this problem by adding automatic reconnection. I don't know if BDO had it on launch, but their solution is also automatic reconnection.

I’m constantly getting 630’d today, I can’t do anything as soon as I load in I disconnect or I disconnect partway through loading in. I done everything I could to try resolving my issue by closing game and reopening it 15+ times, hard resetting Xbox one multiple times, resetting modem, checking to see if I have package loss which is at 7% tops. I have spent 3 hours now trying to get into the game to do my dailies but no luck whatsoever. I had minor issues of disconnecting in the past through out the whole year of PSO2 but this is the first where I’m completely unable to play. I’m on ship 1 if that helps

Just started playing this game a week or two ago and this error is killing it for me. Loved PSO1 and am having a good time with this, but why should I keep playing if I get disconnected at the end of UQs 50% of the time? Was looking through old threads for solutions only to find that this has been going on for a long time with no fix, ridiculous.

im having the same issues. but mine never started until after the most recent patch. i even sometimes get this pso20210220_045536_000.jpg

@dllindsey12 said in Constant Error 630. No response from PSO2 server.:

im having the same issues. but mine never started until after the most recent patch. i even sometimes get this pso20210220_045536_000.jpg

Make sure the xbox app and gaming services are fully updated in MS Store, unless you are on Steam or Epic. If you are on one of them, do a file check with the launcher. If you use the Tweaker, run its file check with the new method.

@Ragnawind hey thanks for that advise. it helped. i havent had any issues since then.

same! can't stay logged in long and the lag is insane! what are you doing, SEGA?

so i reported the issue to support, and here is what they said "The error 630 occurred in-line with your network environment or unstable connection. We suggest you thoroughly check your internet WIFI/LAN, internet security, and make sure that nothing is affecting your internet connection. Our deepest apologies for the inconvenience that this matter has brought you."

The normal way to mitigate this problem is to disable IPv6 on your computer

I am having this problem regardless of quest or not. Each time I try to connect to the game; or change from map I get disconnect and either error 630 or error 249. And 9 our of 10 times when I try to get in the game ships appear "on maintenance" or when not, it chokes on authenticating ID. Its been like this for a few weeks now and honestly? Its getting frustrating.

@Primodori that looks more like is your internet connection, I had all those errors and even the on maintenance before but is always when my internet is fluctuating and always stops when normalizes but if you are having those frequently something is affecting your connection to the servers so check with your ISP to see what is happening to the connection.

Are you guys on vpn? Maybe you're being redirected to the wrong servers.

@FANtasyStarOnline I do not know what vpn is so I do not think so. I am inside american territory.

@Jamesmor Problem started a week or so. Mostly after last wednesday maintenance. before that it wasn't frequent but now it is. And only changes I had was switching from DSL internet to cable modem internet and I wasn't having those problems until a week ago. So i do not know about this ISP thing. Edit- P.S. I am only having this problem with PSO2. Everything else has shown no problems.

I never hardly ever get 630 errors but today every 5 to 10 minutes getting them. There is something wrong with there servers. I play lots of on line game and this is only one have ever got disconnected from. they need to fix it so you don't have to start over every time you get disconnected. Waste so much of my time that I don't have when part of your weekly is to finish a SH time trial with S rank and get to about the end to be kicked from the game by this 630 error. If PSO2 New Genesis is the same way I sure won't be playing it. unless they fix this problem.

Might also want to check if Windows did any weird security updates. Servers usually don't just develop issues randomly.